Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish………!
This massage was given by Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO while he was addressing Stanford Commencement in 2005. It was really a nice and inspirational statement. This statement was actually written by Stuvart Brand in late 70’s when personal computers was not even published in public.

If you see any of the CEO’s past or try to find out the way how they became the CEO of their organization then you will realized their foolishness and how much they hunger to achieve their dreams.

I have read one book called Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry written by Rashmi Bansal an IIM-A Graduate. In her book she has given 25 different story of IIM-A pass out graduates who are now CEO and running their organizations. She has briefly explained how they become CEO. Each individual has their own story. It is not the case that only millionaire’s son or person with good family back ground can become and CEO or enterprenioure, To become an CEO or to become and successful person in life you should have clear vision and innovative idea with patience to achieve and fulfill your dreams.

I will give you an example of my uncle who was running a small provision store in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. He was simple a commerce graduate from local collage in local medium. He was hardly 6 years older than me. As soon as he finished his graduation he joined his father’s provision store as his father was running 60. He had taken an in charge of small provision store and his father had taken up almost retirement. Days were passing and life was going as usual. In weekend we were sitting together in his shop and discussing life’s complexity and some other social stuff. We were like friends and playing cricket together in Sunday, going out for shopping usually, enjoying most of the festivals together.

After spending 2-3 years in provision store he realized, if life will go like this, how can we fulfill our dreams? He started thinking on the same and became hungry to become something in life. In his provision store business he saved some 50K money and he decided to invest it in proper place. And he realized the real estate market is booming. He could see real opportunities in that market and invested his small money there. He gained lots of money by investing in real estate. He again re invested those money he made lots of money. But still he did not forget to become an owner of his own firm. He was still eager, hungry and I would say foolish as he was taking risk too….! During that time he started his real estate company with one partner with money which he had earned from real estate. They are doing good and going ahead to achieve aims and fulfill their dreams. I will post you copmany’s name and website in my upcoming blog…!

His family was happy with his progress. He could have again re joined his provision store with earned money and could have passed his life with family. But he did not, as he had a clear vision in his mind. He started his own real estate company with money which he had earned. With his eagerness, foolishness and hungriness he has some good qualities like marketing, management too. They have invested huge money in his company with some construction projects. They did not have an idea about their success. Initially they faced lots of hurdles as recession was started after starting his projects but with his skills they have cleared all those hurdles and made those projects successful. He is such an inspirable and motivational person in my life who is very close to me.

Have somebody around who always inspire you…….!

-Ankit Gopani

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