Friday, June 18, 2010

The first best thing in the word is to make your parents happy and second is.... be the reason for their happiness

Parents, they give you YOUR life, but then they give you THEIR Life too ! It is very true statement and practically correct as well.

From the day we are born, parents spend their lives trying to bring up, develop their children into the greatest human beings they can possibly make them. Parents make unconditional sacrifices and give up their lives for us!

When we are young, parents sacrifice their sleep and rest. They are the first ones to wake up and the last ones to go to sleep. They are focused only on one goal, to provide for their children. They go through continuous hard work all day just to make sure that they have done everything for their children, from giving us food and shelter, to teaching us how to prepare for the world, to teaching us how to prepare for judgment day, to teaching us how to be a good citizen and most importantly, how to be great human beings.

Parents do all this not to get any benefit from their children, but only with the hope and belief that their children will become pious, educated, and respectful to their parents, useful to their family, society, country and a living example of success.

When we hurt our parents, we are actually hurting ourselves. Do you think, anybody in the world is crazy enough to do harm to themselves ? I don't think so... Taking into consideration the love they have given us, have we ever for a moment thought what they have been doing to make us happy? Are we grateful for what they have done for us? Have we shown them our gratitude?

Unfortunately, instead of loving them back, respecting them, being grateful and showing gratitude, we have always been complaining, blaming and hurting them. We forget that parents are the ones who have taught us the meaning of life; they have taught us how to live this life and lead a life of contentment. They are the ones who have given us everything, from A to Z. Yet, we are ungrateful and disrespectful towards them. Ask your self, Is this humanly fair and true ? If No, How can we be so cruel & shrewd ?

It is our moral responsibility to take care of our parents. We should make sure that we are good human beings and whatever we do in this world reflects upon our parent's personalities and their upbringing. Listening to our parents is the only way we can show our parents that we really love them and care for them. It is a way to show them that their precious time that they have spent in making us great human beings has not gone in vain and they have been successful. This is all they want from us and we should do everything in order to assure this to them.

Now question here is "How can we become a reason for their happiness ?" Answer is very simple with below given points I am damn sure that we can make our parents happy.

1. Listen to your parents show them that we really love them and care for them.
2. Let your parents know that everything in your life is good and you are in the perfect control.
3. Show respect to your parents. It brings great happiness that they are respected by their kids.
4. Showing gratitude to your parents for everything they have done to you brings happiness to them
5. Remember your parents' birthdays and important anniversaries.
6. Keep them involved. Invite your parents to parties, birthday celebrations, holiday events, and other family activities you will hold. It makes them happy to still be part of the fun even if they are old.

I am 200 % sure that by doing these you will feel great son in the world and your parents will feel great parents in the world. By doing these we can be reason for our parent's happiness..!

I have been doing this and feeling happy and proud on myself.....! I love my MOM-DAD

Inspiration with Ankit

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fine is Mine or Mine is always Fine ?

Dear Readers,

You could literally change your life overnight just by changing the way you think, and your attitude. But most people think negatively – it seems to be human nature. Thinking positively involves being optimistic, or positive, even in the most dire situations.

"Fine is Mine". This statement is very small in length but its is very powerful statement for individual. If you think that all fine things are mine or all fine things should be mine, then you motivating yourself to make it happen. So by making your attitude motivational, you are motivating yourself. You don't need to attend any motivational lecture.

I have seen people in my life with different attitude. There are two types of people
1. People with attitude called "Fine is Mine"
2. People with attitude called "Mine is always Fine"

People who are in first category are more enthusiastic, more hardworking person. They believe that whatever is fine should be mine. So to make it happen they work hard. Most of the industrialist and businessman are fall in this category.

People who are in second category are satisfied person, they feels that whatever is there with them is fine. No eagerness to achieve more, satisfied with things whatever is there. This way they are happy. They don't care about the others, they wont compare themselves with others.

Everybody can do self analysis and can find out in which category they are.

Analyze your self and make your self motivated if you are in first category or feel happy if you are in second category.

Inspiration With Ankit