Sunday, November 5, 2017

તું "એકલો" નહિ "એકડો" છે... હજારો મીંડા તારી રાહ જુવે છે... !!

Read this statement somewhere recently and could not stop my thought process relating to the life of (pretty much) everyone who have struggled to achieve one after another success and appended zeros to their life!! 

Meaning of this statement (તું  "એકલો"  નહિ "એકડો" છે...  હજારો મીંડા તારી રાહ જુવે છે.) is You are not alone, Single, you are the "ONE" who has thousands of zeros (opportunities) waiting ahead !!

I have been keep hearing many times from people around, that luck is the only factor which helps to achieve success and everyone are not blessed with that factor! Really? People who accept this would always try to prove this right by providing examples, debating and explaining. However, people who knew "Purusharth" is the main thing that ONE has to keep doing to achieve Success. There are always opportunities around us, It just that it can be only visible to the ONE who does "Purusharth". (Purushartha is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as the "object of human pursuit” or “goals of man.” The term is derived from the Sanskrit, purusha, meaning "person," and artha, meaning "purpose.") 

One should never feel alone, single because there are always thousands of zeros (opportunities) waiting ahead. We just need to do the Purusharth so that it can be visible to us and we can keep grabbing them and keep appending to our success stories!

Let's not feel alone instead feel the "ONE" who has thousand of opportunities (ZEROs) waiting ahead. 
તું  "એકલો"  નહિ "એકડો" છે...  હજારો મીંડા તારી રાહ જુવે છે... !!

Let's start grabbing those zeros and keep appending it to our stories. Let's all have this thought process in our regular life and keep inspiring each other. 

Inspiration With Ankit