Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Love you to the moon and back, Happy 4th Birthday, Aarav !!

Four!!!! Four years old! Where in the world has the past four years gone? It just seems like yesterday. I find myself wondering where the time has gone. It must have been just yesterday that I first gazed into those newborn eyes and held his warm little body close to my heart for the first time. We are feeling like we are in some sort of speed time zone where the years actually melt away every time you blink !! Lots of memories this last year, games we play together, song we sing together dance we do together, fighting we do together (pretty much every night) before we go bed, Your million dollar HUG when I came back from office, you won't let me enter into home and run and jump on me and welcome me with HUG. 

We can’t believe that you are 4-year-old now, honestly, don’t know where the time has gone. These years came and went too quickly! You have brought us a pure joy since that very first moment. Watching you grow, absorbing things around you, learning new things every day every moment,  You are no longer a baby, but a boy who is an impressive, passionate and loving person who God created and chose to be part of our family.  You are outgoing with mom-dad and also with friends J. You are confident, brave, strong, passionate, loving and funny too. You made us laugh many times with your sweet KATHIYAVADI Gujarati language. You have a great sense of memory. I have been watching you how you co-relate things from your memories no matter how old you saw and sensed in past. Many times you proved us wrong on something that we did not remember but you do. You are exactly who God wanted you to be, and I am so grateful that I get to watch you grow each and every day.

You LOVE your school MLC. Well, actually it took couple months. Initially, you didn’t want to go school but after couple months you started asking us why can’t I go to school on weekend J It makes us so happy that you love going to school and that you have a love for learning. You LOVED your teacher, all of your MLC school staff. You LOVE all your friends. Thank you, MLC staff for letting us visit a school and celebrate Aarav’s birthday with his classmates. It was really nice watching you do circle time with 4 (because of you turned 4 today) round of circle. We had a nice celebration with delicious cake. We had cake with your favorite Hot Wheels theme. Thank you once again to MLC (Montesorry Learning Center) staff and teachers. This will be an unforgettable memory in our life. We left you to school after a birthday celebration. We knew you were going to have blast today. In the noon we came to pick you up from School and teacher informed us that you had a nice day. Aarav, remember you had your first reading book from school today.

Your favorite toys are still cars and trains. Disney Cars, Hot Wheels, police cars, Matchbox Cars, PJ Mask Car, Thomas the Train, and any other random car or train you LOVE. I’ve always thought you would start liking something else, but you haven’t. You love to watch how the wheels turn, how mechanic repairs the car and how the trains connect. You get down eye level to watch how the wheels stay on the tracks or how the cars shoot through your Hot Wheels track. You always try to get me to buy you a car. We did not know that you have around 110+ toy car at home until we started collecting it for your 4th birthday photography with cars. Interestingly you know and remember each of your cars.

I can do nothing to stop the time from passing, but I know that I can cherish every moment you are learning, growing, loving, caring, playing, exploring, and smiling. Every day we count our blessings and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You truly are amazing and have shown us what it means to love unconditionally. Keep being awesome and bringing joy to everyone who is lucky enough to know you. Please keep filling our book of life with lots and lots of memories and happiness as you have been doing so all these 4 years.  Best wishes on your birthday. Keep smiling and be the reason for someone’s smile too!! Remember "A Smile you sent will always return"

Love ❤
LisAnk-Aarav 💕

Saturday, January 6, 2018

હું વસ્તુ સૌથી મોંઘેરી ને જાજરમાન વહેંચું છું, ઓલ્યા ઇમાન વેચે છે ને હું મુસ્કાન વહેંચું છું.” - શાહબુદ્દીન રાઠોડ

Dear Readers, 

25th December 2017 was and will be the greatest day I can never forget in my life. I was fortunate enough to have spent some moments with very well known and highly reputed Gujarati Humorist, philosopher and performing comedian artist, Shree Sahabudding Rathod !!

@Aashiyana, Thangadh with Sree Sahabuddin Bhai

"શાહબુદ્દીન રાઠોડ" આઠ અક્ષરનું આ નામ સાંભળતા જ સૌના ચહેરા ઉપર હાસ્ય ફરી વળે કારણ સમગ્ર વિશ્વમાં ભાગ્યે જ કોઈ ગુજરાતી એવો હશે જે શાહબુદ્દીન રાઠોડ અને ‘વનેચંદના વરઘોડા’ થી અજાણ હશે. 

Shree Shahabuddin Rathod was born on 9 December 1937 at Thangadh (now in Surendranagar district, Gujarat, India). He was born and raised in a Gujarati. He was a teacher from 1958 to 1971 and a school principal from 1971 to 1996 at Municipal School of Thangadh, Gujarat.

જીત પર હસતો રહ્યો ને હાર પર હસતો રહ્યો... ફુલોની શૈયા ગણી અંગાર પર હસતો રહ્યો... એ મુસીબત એટલી જીંદાદીલી ને દાદ દે... તે ધરી તલવાર તો હું ધાર પર હસતો રહ્યો..... 

I have been listening to his recordings, videos of his programs at various places and read books written by him, I have learned and continue learning lots of inspiring things from his humor and philosophy on various topics of life with his simple and easily digestible examples. I always wanted to meet him since 2008 (time since I started following and listening to his speeches, programs, CDs, online videos, his books), We (few like-minded) tried meeting him in the year of 2009 and approached her to personally thank him but at that time Sahabudding Bhai was out of country and we could not meet him. Since then I had a wish to meet him one day! 25th Dec, 2017 was the day!

How I got an opportunity to meet him? My mother in law was a student of Mr. Sahabuddin bhai and was studying at Thangadh municipal school during the 70s, In our last India trip they found out that I am a big fan of Sahabuddin Bhai and have a wish to meet him. They immediately approached few people in Thangadh and helped us meet Sahabudding bhai. We found out that he is available to meet on 25th Dec, They told us to come around 4:00pm at his house as he wanted to leave to Rajkot to attend some social event. This was a dream come true, so I was so excited for this meeting. We all reached at "Aashiyana" @ sharp 4:00pm. He requested us to come to upstairs, we went there, he then requested us to take a sit. We introduced our self, he was happy to know we especially come there to thank him, and he said "હું વસ્તુ સૌથી મોંઘેરી ને જાજરમાન વહેંચું છું, ઓલ્યા ઇમાન વેચે છે ને હું મુસ્કાન વહેંચું છું"  I firstly thanked him for giving such a nice Gujarati literature and positive philosophy on many important topics of life with nice humor. He is very down to earth person discussed few important things on human life with a simple philosophy.

There are thousands of important points from his great literature but here are few important that inspires us a lot to think for self-realization:

  • Troubles start only when people start comparing themselves to others!
  • Irregular life is ugly life, we should live life with certainness!
  • Humor is the shortest distance from human to God!
  • You should write something which is worth reading or you should live your life which is worth writing about
  • ગંભીરતા વગર નું હાસ્ય અને હાસ્ય વગર ની ગંભીરતા, બન્ને વ્યર્થ છે. (Laughter without seriousness and Seriousness without Laughter, is Waste)
  • હું નથી જાણતો એટલું બોલવા પેહલા તો ઘણું જાણવું પડે
  • Simplicity, More spoken, very less Implemented

We tried to fetch some interesting treasure from his knowledge bank. Many people know him as a Gujarati humorist but his personalities has few other corners too. He himself is a good reader and a painting is his another hobby. He showed us some of the painting drawn by him, How beautiful it was. We also came to know that he visited 25 countries to spread Gujarati literature with his Gujarati humor. He pretty much visited all the country where Gujarati people live. Afterall, જ્યાં જ્યાં વસે એક ગુજરાતી; ત્યાં ત્યાં સદાકાળ ગુજરાત !!

Very few people would have an idea that Gujarati movie named "Shahabuddin Rathod no Hasya Varghodo" was released on 10th Dec 2010 was written by him. He has also played a small role in the movie. This is also a fact that approx 70 percent of the shooting is done in Thangadh, Devsar, Rupavadi etc.. nearby villages.

We requested his autograph for my memory and he gave us his photograph with an autograph and also gave me a priceless gift, a book written by him "Ame Mahefil Jamavi Che" !! We took a nice family picture with him.

@Aashiyana, Thangadh, Gujarat

શાહબુદ્દીન રાઠોડ વિશે એટલું જ કહેવુ છે કે ગુજરાતી ભાષા માં કોઇ હાસ્યકાર નથી થયુ જેમની હ્યુમર આટલી ઉંચી હોય. એમને મળવાનું જે સૌભાગ્ય મને પ્રાપ્ત થયુ છે તે માટે હું પોતાને ખુબ જ ખુશ નસીબ ગણું છું !

💕 LisAnk-Aarav,
Inspiration With Ankit

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018 !!

Happy New Year dear readers J

2018 has finally arrived like every new year. A new year always bring new challenges in many fields which will allow us to learn and grow even more!!

This time of the year is filled with moments of celebration, reflections, and resolutions- all of which are great for inspiration and making the necessary changes one has been thinking about in the past year.
It is also the time to assess the year that has passed. So what happened during 2017 and what to do for a new year?

Everybody expect life to have smooth way, nobody expects their life to have painful bumps like a 'ROLLER COASTER'! Things may go wrong in life, everything is up and down in life. Every year has new challenges and opportunities with lots of fun, learning !! Like every year this year was also an awesome year together, we had lots of fun and good learning experience… ! Most of them are really nice in terms of learning!! Let’s all step back for a few moments and think, list down all major good/bad events occurred to individual’s life. I must say… every event would teach you something to learn and accept few things.. whether it is good or bad. Good events teach you how to share, celebrate and enjoy quality time while bad events teaches you even more… like how to react, fight bad time, learn, accept and how to move forward with all set of new positivity. I strongly believe It’s a matter of how you look at it together.

With all these things in mind…. 2017 was more special for us in terms of many things…. Aarav… our Son turned 3 and is going to turn 4 this month, Our parents visited us and we visited a home country for short vacation, spent fantastic time together at Rajasthan, India and had lots of fun together! 

My dream came true, met a well known, highly reputed and my favorite Gujarati Humorists, philosopher and inspiration!!! Mr Shahbuddin Rathod at his house "Aashiyana, Thankgadh"🙏

We had many more events and celebration we expressed it with friends and family together and added few more pages to our memory book! 

Everyone has their own learning and experience from past year and new thinking, the expectation from new year! Like everyone we also learn many things nice way while some hard way….. but you learn in any case!

I wish new year would be 1000 time more better than past year for everyone! Stay tuned for a more exciting post this year !! May this year brings lots of happiness and energy to do more any more good things for family, friends, and society.

Wishing you all very happy healthy and wealthy new year !!

With Love,