Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cry as much as you can, but dont cry again for the same reason

Dear All,

Here I have learn interesting thing from one of my friend that "Cry as much as you can, but don't cry again for the same reason" it is really interesting and inspirational things for me !

You might have seen so many people in your life who are crying for the same reason for which they were crying few month or few years back ! Even I was in the same boat and was crying for the same reason.. But after discussion with some examples with my friend, I realized that crying for the same reason does not make sense or it is not adding any value to inspire you or to motivate you.

So cry as much as you can if it is first time for you, what I mean here is if you came across a situation which is not expected or anything bad which is really unexpected and because of that you cry. There might be so many situation which leads you to cry, A well known example is "failure". One of my friend who is very close to me wanted to start his new business with some investment on hand. He was eager and started his small business in city, he started earning and he was happy. He was happy with few people working under his management. He had enough trust on the people who are working under him. After some time, he had to go to out of station for few days because of unavoidable reason, as he had a trust on this mans, he left the city for few days with all authority given to his man. Now have you ever feel what will happen when somebody who is very close to you breaks your trust !! The same thing happened here, that guy had robbed and left with lots of money with some important things in terms of business. My friend started crying and lost his enthusiasm and courage.
But after few weeks he started with the same business with full of enthusiasm and motivation and now a days he is doing good, it has been more than 4 years he is in the same business with 20-30 % growth every year !! He told, He never gave a chance to anybody or even himself then, because he learn a lesson. He did not want to cry again for the same reason and he is not !!

After few minutes of our discussion with his experience I learn a lesson and thought of sharing the same.
"Cry as much as you can but don't cry again for the same reason !"

Inspiration with Ankit