Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cry as much as you can, but dont cry again for the same reason

Dear All,

Here I have learn interesting thing from one of my friend that "Cry as much as you can, but don't cry again for the same reason" it is really interesting and inspirational things for me !

You might have seen so many people in your life who are crying for the same reason for which they were crying few month or few years back ! Even I was in the same boat and was crying for the same reason.. But after discussion with some examples with my friend, I realized that crying for the same reason does not make sense or it is not adding any value to inspire you or to motivate you.

So cry as much as you can if it is first time for you, what I mean here is if you came across a situation which is not expected or anything bad which is really unexpected and because of that you cry. There might be so many situation which leads you to cry, A well known example is "failure". One of my friend who is very close to me wanted to start his new business with some investment on hand. He was eager and started his small business in city, he started earning and he was happy. He was happy with few people working under his management. He had enough trust on the people who are working under him. After some time, he had to go to out of station for few days because of unavoidable reason, as he had a trust on this mans, he left the city for few days with all authority given to his man. Now have you ever feel what will happen when somebody who is very close to you breaks your trust !! The same thing happened here, that guy had robbed and left with lots of money with some important things in terms of business. My friend started crying and lost his enthusiasm and courage.
But after few weeks he started with the same business with full of enthusiasm and motivation and now a days he is doing good, it has been more than 4 years he is in the same business with 20-30 % growth every year !! He told, He never gave a chance to anybody or even himself then, because he learn a lesson. He did not want to cry again for the same reason and he is not !!

After few minutes of our discussion with his experience I learn a lesson and thought of sharing the same.
"Cry as much as you can but don't cry again for the same reason !"

Inspiration with Ankit

Friday, June 18, 2010

The first best thing in the word is to make your parents happy and second is.... be the reason for their happiness

Parents, they give you YOUR life, but then they give you THEIR Life too ! It is very true statement and practically correct as well.

From the day we are born, parents spend their lives trying to bring up, develop their children into the greatest human beings they can possibly make them. Parents make unconditional sacrifices and give up their lives for us!

When we are young, parents sacrifice their sleep and rest. They are the first ones to wake up and the last ones to go to sleep. They are focused only on one goal, to provide for their children. They go through continuous hard work all day just to make sure that they have done everything for their children, from giving us food and shelter, to teaching us how to prepare for the world, to teaching us how to prepare for judgment day, to teaching us how to be a good citizen and most importantly, how to be great human beings.

Parents do all this not to get any benefit from their children, but only with the hope and belief that their children will become pious, educated, and respectful to their parents, useful to their family, society, country and a living example of success.

When we hurt our parents, we are actually hurting ourselves. Do you think, anybody in the world is crazy enough to do harm to themselves ? I don't think so... Taking into consideration the love they have given us, have we ever for a moment thought what they have been doing to make us happy? Are we grateful for what they have done for us? Have we shown them our gratitude?

Unfortunately, instead of loving them back, respecting them, being grateful and showing gratitude, we have always been complaining, blaming and hurting them. We forget that parents are the ones who have taught us the meaning of life; they have taught us how to live this life and lead a life of contentment. They are the ones who have given us everything, from A to Z. Yet, we are ungrateful and disrespectful towards them. Ask your self, Is this humanly fair and true ? If No, How can we be so cruel & shrewd ?

It is our moral responsibility to take care of our parents. We should make sure that we are good human beings and whatever we do in this world reflects upon our parent's personalities and their upbringing. Listening to our parents is the only way we can show our parents that we really love them and care for them. It is a way to show them that their precious time that they have spent in making us great human beings has not gone in vain and they have been successful. This is all they want from us and we should do everything in order to assure this to them.

Now question here is "How can we become a reason for their happiness ?" Answer is very simple with below given points I am damn sure that we can make our parents happy.

1. Listen to your parents show them that we really love them and care for them.
2. Let your parents know that everything in your life is good and you are in the perfect control.
3. Show respect to your parents. It brings great happiness that they are respected by their kids.
4. Showing gratitude to your parents for everything they have done to you brings happiness to them
5. Remember your parents' birthdays and important anniversaries.
6. Keep them involved. Invite your parents to parties, birthday celebrations, holiday events, and other family activities you will hold. It makes them happy to still be part of the fun even if they are old.

I am 200 % sure that by doing these you will feel great son in the world and your parents will feel great parents in the world. By doing these we can be reason for our parent's happiness..!

I have been doing this and feeling happy and proud on myself.....! I love my MOM-DAD

Inspiration with Ankit

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fine is Mine or Mine is always Fine ?

Dear Readers,

You could literally change your life overnight just by changing the way you think, and your attitude. But most people think negatively – it seems to be human nature. Thinking positively involves being optimistic, or positive, even in the most dire situations.

"Fine is Mine". This statement is very small in length but its is very powerful statement for individual. If you think that all fine things are mine or all fine things should be mine, then you motivating yourself to make it happen. So by making your attitude motivational, you are motivating yourself. You don't need to attend any motivational lecture.

I have seen people in my life with different attitude. There are two types of people
1. People with attitude called "Fine is Mine"
2. People with attitude called "Mine is always Fine"

People who are in first category are more enthusiastic, more hardworking person. They believe that whatever is fine should be mine. So to make it happen they work hard. Most of the industrialist and businessman are fall in this category.

People who are in second category are satisfied person, they feels that whatever is there with them is fine. No eagerness to achieve more, satisfied with things whatever is there. This way they are happy. They don't care about the others, they wont compare themselves with others.

Everybody can do self analysis and can find out in which category they are.

Analyze your self and make your self motivated if you are in first category or feel happy if you are in second category.

Inspiration With Ankit

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its all about the way you talk and the way you smile...

Dear All,

Again I am inspired by somebody who is very close to me, and as a result I forced myself to write this blog. I am writing this post again on smile because what I have felt so far is "Your smile is everything from which you can create happiness around you"

The way of talk and the way of smile are the biggest things to make yours and othere's life with full of happiness. As you know I have been posting all my experiences and personal feelings on inspiration, Here I would like to share one more......

I was staying with some of my friends in Ahmedabad who are very close to me, I have learn so many things from individuals. I have a big friend circle, from them one is very close to me and I am socially attached with him too. He was perusing his Masters in Business Management (MBA). He is a very funny and fun loving buddy and always eager to know new things in his area. He has lot of good qualities like "to make people happy", "the way of talk", "the way of smile" etc.... What I have seen is, 'wherever he goes he use to make relationship easily with anybody with sweet talk and smile'.

We use to go out for food at Manek Chowk before he (my cousin) came to Ahmedabad. Then he shifted to Ahmedabad to finish his Master Degree, I arranged his stay with me. We use to go out frequently for food at the same place (Manek Chowk). Interesting thing was, 'he had created a good relationship with the food court owners within a 2-3 visits !'. Not even with the owners, he had created a good relationship with servants as well. I was really wondering how can it possible in 2-3 visits....! But I marked his way of talk and smile and realized that He was able to make people happy with his talk and smile. People doesn't need only money, they need something more and that is 'sweet smile and sweet talk'.

We have to pay money if we want buy something, there are no doubt in that. Paying money is not enough to create happiness around but paying it with smile and little sweet talk will definitely create happiness across. I could easily see his way of communication with little smile always on his face. I am seeing the same quality and encouraged myself to follow the same. You can also try and I am damn sure that you will get the result soon...! Try and enjoy your life with happiness around....!!

Inspiration with Ankit

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

somebody was crying whenever I was flying....!

"Somebody was crying when I was flying....!"

Statement looks hard to digest. But if you think emotionally, pass your time with somebody with emotion then you will definitely realize its meaning and finally you will end up with the power for digesting....!

As you know I have been posting my experience, Some days back I have realized something, I could see the tears in somebodie's eyes because of the emotional attachments. I had spent some years in Ahmedabad Gujarat and during my stay in Gujarat I have developed good relationship, I have made so many friends with emotional attachments. When I have decided to leave Gujarat to explore myself, I could easily see tears in so many people's/loved ones' eyes who were/are very close to me.

I have spent couple of years in Bangalore and made lot of friends there with good relationship. But as you know as life moves, we too, I was in a situation to leave those all friendly environment too. I have made my mind to come back to my native place, Gujarat because of so many reasons. The same situations occurred there too. I could easily read individual's face when I declared that I am going back in couple of weeks. Even I was wondering when God have started crying (rain started in Bangalore) the moment I booked my flight ticket...! I knew that rain is not new things in Bangalore, but still something clicked and as a result thought came to my mind "Somebody is crying when I am flying" and get motivated to write this blog......!

I have seen these kind of situations with some of my friends couple of years back when he decided to explore his carrier and went to USA. But during those days I was thinking why people are crying (what I mean is emotionally be in sad situation) but when it comes to me, I have realized the exact situations and felt the emotional attachments.

Note: Above picture has been taken from Google->Search->Crying.jpg

Inspiration with Ankit
-Ankit Gopani

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dont lose your smile because there are people who relies on it..!

Some time people just don't understand and forget the truth that there are other people who are living because of his/her smile. We all are living in a world where we are engaged with each other with different relationship and trust. We all have people around us who are living their life just because of our smile. As an human being people gives us an smile or frown knowingly or unknowingly.

Sometimes life may seem unfair, the present unsure and the future unclear but as we journey along the road, remember "don't lose your smile as there are always your loved ones who relies on your beautiful smiles"

I have been in the critical situation in my life, I was really in tough situation where I could not stop my mind to think on negative side and finally I lost my smile. But then after some time I realized that as we journey along each day of our lives things will come with different surprises and try to accept the things which is fact. But that time was really bad in my life as I went through unexpected and unacceptable things. I was in a state where I could not smile to friends, my brother, my mom, dad. Every day they keep calling me with the hope to receive my beautiful smile but I could not. Mom was asking me everyday on phone "su thayu appu (she use to call me 'Appu') beta?" It means what happen my son?  Answer was always without smile.

Days were passing and life was going in sadness. After some days I have realized that all my loved ones who are very close to me are also in state where they could not smile to each other. They were waiting for my smile, why is he not smiling? where is his smile gone? etc... I though a lot and realized the reason behind all my loved one's smile. And that was my smile..! Finally I made my mind to accept the fact and tried to be happy and keep people happy around me.

I started following a rule called "when life gets tough we should just play pretend"
I am happy now and feeling happy with lots of smiles around me.....!

So keep smiling with Ankit...!

Inspiration with Ankit

Monday, April 12, 2010

Life is like a bicycle. The moment we stop pedaling, we start losing momentum.

Do you remember a time when you had a big and lofty dream? Maybe you wanted to be a movie star in art house films, doctor, or a master mind engineer. Perhaps you dreamed of crossing the ocean in a sailboat and you may have worked hard toward achieving that dream. But slowly you drifted away from your heart's desire. What happened?

The answer is easy: You got distracted! or You got confused. You were no longer in rhythm with who you are.

There are lot of reasons because of those you might got confused, disturbed and some time even hurt. As a human being we may come across in situation no matter how much strong we are! I have come across a situations where I have got confused, disturbed and that's where I have written a blog on "choices makes you confuse"

I have come across a situations where I got hurt by somebody who is very close to me. But I have consider it as a unexpected surprise of my life and that's where I have written a blog called "Life is full of surprise and we are one of them" So whenever you feel that you are hurt or demotivated by somebody don't stop pedaling as life is like Bicycle, if you do so, your life may stop and you may lose.

Every situations are part of life and I have been forcing myself to accept all things instead of hurting myself or putting myself in confusing state. It is very tough thing but trust me, if you able to do these and try to keep yourself motivated to live your life then you will live your life like king size...!

Life is like a bicycle. The moment we stop pedaling, we start losing momentum. So don't stop pedaling and enjoy the voyage of life...

I wish you and myself a incredible success!

-Inspiration with Ankit

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sketch your future but do it with pencil....

I have been writing many a times that life is unpredictable and very complex! most of us are sketching our future and making our future plans. Most of us are living in a hope that we are pretty much sure about our future.

I am not denying, we should live in a hope and we should make our future goal. By doing that, we are deciding our road map for future. By making a goal and sketching our future we internally triggering our self for motivation and enthusiasm.

But what I feel is making goal, planning and sketching future are needed but we should always do it with pencil so that we can easily modify it as and when it requires. As we all know life is totally unpredictable. So we may have to modify our sketch accordingly depending on the situations. But please keep in mind that we should only modify the sketch, we should not remove the portion of sketch as lines of sketch are our path for future and success. If situation is tough and life is complex then sketch may have long lines and if everything is fine then sketch will be with small and clear lines.

So always "Sketch your future but do it with pencil.... " a very small statement but really complex to understand and follow..!

Enjoy.. Inspiration with Ankit

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish………!
This massage was given by Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO while he was addressing Stanford Commencement in 2005. It was really a nice and inspirational statement. This statement was actually written by Stuvart Brand in late 70’s when personal computers was not even published in public.

If you see any of the CEO’s past or try to find out the way how they became the CEO of their organization then you will realized their foolishness and how much they hunger to achieve their dreams.

I have read one book called Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry written by Rashmi Bansal an IIM-A Graduate. In her book she has given 25 different story of IIM-A pass out graduates who are now CEO and running their organizations. She has briefly explained how they become CEO. Each individual has their own story. It is not the case that only millionaire’s son or person with good family back ground can become and CEO or enterprenioure, To become an CEO or to become and successful person in life you should have clear vision and innovative idea with patience to achieve and fulfill your dreams.

I will give you an example of my uncle who was running a small provision store in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. He was simple a commerce graduate from local collage in local medium. He was hardly 6 years older than me. As soon as he finished his graduation he joined his father’s provision store as his father was running 60. He had taken an in charge of small provision store and his father had taken up almost retirement. Days were passing and life was going as usual. In weekend we were sitting together in his shop and discussing life’s complexity and some other social stuff. We were like friends and playing cricket together in Sunday, going out for shopping usually, enjoying most of the festivals together.

After spending 2-3 years in provision store he realized, if life will go like this, how can we fulfill our dreams? He started thinking on the same and became hungry to become something in life. In his provision store business he saved some 50K money and he decided to invest it in proper place. And he realized the real estate market is booming. He could see real opportunities in that market and invested his small money there. He gained lots of money by investing in real estate. He again re invested those money he made lots of money. But still he did not forget to become an owner of his own firm. He was still eager, hungry and I would say foolish as he was taking risk too….! During that time he started his real estate company with one partner with money which he had earned from real estate. They are doing good and going ahead to achieve aims and fulfill their dreams. I will post you copmany’s name and website in my upcoming blog…!

His family was happy with his progress. He could have again re joined his provision store with earned money and could have passed his life with family. But he did not, as he had a clear vision in his mind. He started his own real estate company with money which he had earned. With his eagerness, foolishness and hungriness he has some good qualities like marketing, management too. They have invested huge money in his company with some construction projects. They did not have an idea about their success. Initially they faced lots of hurdles as recession was started after starting his projects but with his skills they have cleared all those hurdles and made those projects successful. He is such an inspirable and motivational person in my life who is very close to me.

Have somebody around who always inspire you…….!

-Ankit Gopani

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A smile you sent will always return....

It is very true statement that “smile you sent will always returns”.

There are lots of people for whom giving a smile is so far…! I don’t know why people can’t smile, may be they are not aware of the beauty of smile..!

Let me explain you with example, most of the time I am sharing my views with practical examples which people usually come across in their daily life.

As I am in stage of my bachelor life, I am living with my friends. We have a cook. Every day he comes and makes dinner for us. He is actually managing 3-4 places and trying to earn some money. While coming to our place he usually gets tired as ours is a last place for him. One day I gave him a sweet smile and realized smile in return in place of sad reaction...! After giving him a smile with 2-3 minutes of sweet talk every day, I have seen him with full of courage and enthusiasm with happiness in his work. I have been seeing him with smiling face while going back to his home with this exercise. So I have realized that giving smile can create happiness in somebody’s life. If you do so you will definitely get a smile in return. It’s well proven and I am damn sure it will work.

You might have remember “Jadu ki jappi” from MBBS movie, where moral was to create happiness with the help of hug. But that will work with your close ones or whom you know well. That may not work with unknown people and in your professional life. But smile with sweet talk will work everywhere. You can’t give hug usually to everybody but you can definitely smile with sweet talk.

Your smile does not harm you but it will definitely make somebody’s day.

I have been doing it from last couple of years and as a result I feeling self motivation, happiness with lots of encouragement with lots of my friends and people around me. It’s amazing…!

Smile always….


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Choices makes you confused….! But there are ways to make good choice out of them.

Dear All,
I am sure you all must have come across the situations where you might have felt confusion to take a decision. When you have choices on your hand it is very tough to make a proper out of them. It always be tough as choices always makes us confuse..!
For everybody, there could be situations where individual have to come up with the proper decision which should drive his and his family’s life towards comfort zone. Comfort zone is not always the outcome of money. There are things with which you can make yours and your family’s life in comfort zone. I understand this is very hard to digest. But frankly speaking “Things which are tasty for tongue is not good for health most of the time” 
This is what happened in my life some days back, I had a good option and lucrative offers to start my life with luxury and on the other hand my family and loved ones.  I was in a state where I had to take a proper decisions considering all the situations. I could have chosen thing through which I can drive myself in comfort zone with luxury life. But had not. My friends were telling me that you are going to make a wrong decision, even I had been mentally forced by some of my friends and colleagues but I was stick on my decision. The reason behind my decision was, I was not thinking for myself, instead… was thinking for people (my loved ones) who are mentally, socially, economically attached with me. I have finally chosen my family and my all loved once with whom I can start my life with some what less comfort zone and with little bit less luxuries in terms of money. But ultimately what will you do when you don't have your family or your near one with you, but you are millionaire…!
I would say “Don't chose an option which is beneficial for you rather chose a option which is beneficial for your family and all your loved one”
-Ankit Gopani    

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some time we have to compromise to gain something... But what is the defination of some time then ?

Dear All,

Some time we have to compromise to gain something... But what is the defination of some time here ?

I have been hearing statement called "Some time we have to compromise to gain something..." from lot of people around me, from my family, from my friends, from my managers from my relatives. But nobody has clear idea on sometime, I mean till what time is sometime?, what is the defination of sometime?.

I have seen two types of people:

1. People who have been compromising since their childhoold but still they are in same situation and living with the hope that they will definitely gain something. Ultimately their life ends with the same situations without gaining any thing...!

2. People who have been not just compromising but they are putting their efforts to find out the way how to gain, are definitely doing that.

So living with the hope just not enough to gain something in life.... with that effort is must...

To put an effort till the time you find the gain is 'sometime'...! Do your best, put your efforts until you find your way to gain...!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Motivation has become a popular word nowadays

Motivation has become a popular word nowadays.

What is actually, and why do you need it ?

Motivation is driving force; it is the powerful engine that moves you towards success and accomplishments. It is an inside job that has much to do with the emotions, and the imagination of people to be and to do their best.

Motivation helps people who know what they should do.... to do it !
Motivation helps people who know what commitment they should make.... make it !
Motivation helps people who know what habit they should break.... break it !
Motivation helps people who know what path they should take.... take it !
Motivation has power to overcome toughest stumbling blocks and give a meaning to life.

It makes possible to accomplish what you should accomplish

To motivate yourself, do a simple exercises : "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with"

Take a few minutesl check and really think about the five people; who are you spending time with ? And make a list. You yourself will come to know who is motivating more or less from five and who is actually demotivate more or less.

I have been doing this exercies and and felt its importance, you will also get a feel of its importance one you do it.

I have made list of 5 people with whom I am spending my lot of time. For me 3 are motivating me on many things while 2 are demotivating at some extend. By doing this exercises I get a feel and could able to conclude what should I do to improve myself? What all are the points I should ignore which is actully demotivating me? Trust me these questions are really important and will help you to improve your self.

I would share on the great person who is my motivation in my next blog "great person for my motivation....."