Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sketch your future but do it with pencil....

I have been writing many a times that life is unpredictable and very complex! most of us are sketching our future and making our future plans. Most of us are living in a hope that we are pretty much sure about our future.

I am not denying, we should live in a hope and we should make our future goal. By doing that, we are deciding our road map for future. By making a goal and sketching our future we internally triggering our self for motivation and enthusiasm.

But what I feel is making goal, planning and sketching future are needed but we should always do it with pencil so that we can easily modify it as and when it requires. As we all know life is totally unpredictable. So we may have to modify our sketch accordingly depending on the situations. But please keep in mind that we should only modify the sketch, we should not remove the portion of sketch as lines of sketch are our path for future and success. If situation is tough and life is complex then sketch may have long lines and if everything is fine then sketch will be with small and clear lines.

So always "Sketch your future but do it with pencil.... " a very small statement but really complex to understand and follow..!

Enjoy.. Inspiration with Ankit


  1. Nice .. very nice statement ... "Sketch your future but do it with pencil.... " ...

  2. Thanks JD,

    Its really a true statement for me. I have came across so many times so far and realized that it would be easy if I would have sketch it by pencil..