Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Aarav, You are 2 today !!

I don’t even know where to begin this post. It’s your second birthday and since my last post I have millions of things and thoughts to express for you Aarav !! Let me start with few of them J

On your second birth day I just went back and read last few posts and it brought an emotional feeling to my eyes! Can’t believe you are 2 today !! Two years ago on this day, we welcomed most precious bundle (“LisAnk-Aarav”) of joy in our life. We knew life would change after having baby but we never understood the extent of how much you can love something until you came to our life.  We thank god every day for gifting this bright, smart and handsome boy !!

Our day starts with seeing you sleeping peacefully in the bed. By the time you wake up I would have completed my 25% work in office and around 11:00am phone rings with your Mom’s number and I come to know that you are UP now and Mom’s duty running behind you starts !! I don’t think I need to mention how much you love, cartoons specially some standard ryams like “Wheels On The Bus”, “”Johny Johny Yes Papa”, “Head, Shoulder, Knees and toes” etc…  You would always need those ryams to play either on tablet, TV or on Mumma’s Cell Phone. We have been observing a great change and growth in terms of many things, like learning letters, ryams, signs, numbers and speaking on your way no matter what that means, How funny it is !!

This year has bought many change in life since last year, You are like talking machine !! You know what you say when you have been asked to say something! Ok… Here are few of them… J

Bus is Bushee
Dog – Dodee
Orange – Oenge
Apple – Ishee Apple
Shokes – Souse
Lightee – Tightee
Yellow – Ellow
Aero plane – Coooo
Helicopter – Coooo
So sorry – So Soeeee
Dhubaka - Bakada (This one is real funny in Gujarati though)
Seven - Senen
Jany Jany Yes Aapa...! :)

Isn’t it funny  ! You know I have lists of words in my mind, If I start writing those, it will be many…! J

You wouldn’t know how much you like Buses and Aero Plane ! Thank god we are living nearby Bus Transit station, whenever we go out we at least  be able to see few buses going in and coming out from the transit station. The most exciting part for us is when you say “Baaa Bushee… Baa Bushee” with smiling excitement on your face whenever you see buses ! How exiting !! You are dady’s super little buddy, always ready to give hug especially when you say “No” J.

You made many friends in this two years, Devarsh, Aangi, Rian, Naitik, Akshat. When you all gathered at one place, you use to play like anything and makes us busy in one or another way J !! Funny ! I don’t know where you all will be in future, one of you might be a business man, engineer, doctor, dancer, artist, or may be a politician J I am just guessing… I know you all would do best where you are at ! Wish you all the best for future, you all have bright future ahead of you !!  There is always something special about seeing you sleeping so peaceful. You wouldn’t like to go bed until late night and that to be you would always first like to jump in the bed with us, you make us horse and ride on us J and then you fall down many times in between and laugh like anything until you feel yourself tired!

You are Naughty as ever and still the apple of everyone’s eye, You manage to smile so easily. In the melody of your parent’s lives, you are the sweetest note ! Happy Birthday to you my sweet son Aarav. You are the light of my life and we are proud of your parents. You have infinitely made us stronger and better individuals, we look forward to each and every day we spend together. You bring more love and happiness to our life than you will ever know.

Wishing you a bright future with lots of friends, fun, happiness ! Happy 2nd Birthday Aarav. Love you to the moon and back again a million times over.

Love you..