Sunday, June 26, 2016

Learn, Accept and Move On !! :)

When life gets tough, just play pretend !! J

6 years ago, I wrote on post on “Don’t lose your smile because there are people who relies on it” which helped me and many of my near ones to pump the motivation to “move on” !

People many time thinks that it is the end of world. Well, it’s not… Thing, time, people, weather everything changes…… We just need to learn, accept and move on !

As we journey along each day of our lives things will come with different surprises and we just need to accept with smile and keep moving ! Don’t forget, there are always bunch of people who relies on your smile J !

There could be many instances in the life like, losing job, losing relatives, losing your friends etc… Time in these situations are always painful but it’s part of life, either you accept or not, such things do happen.

But here, I must say, we must put efforts hard to keep things alive. I believe the best way is to ask your heart and see whether you have done your part at its best, if yes… just don’t regret, accept it and move on ! If no, try to put things together, try to let go, I am sure things will be in good shape. If with efforts it still does not work and you don’t see positive outcome then Understand one thing….. People change and sometimes they are no longer compatible with your lives… ! I think people change for two reasons. Either they learn enough that they want to or they have been heart enough that they have to.

One of my backbone motivator always use to tell me “there will always be a Hope, possibilities and Opportunities "!

Company does not stop just because CEO dies or leaves…..
Carrier does not stop just because you failed in exams…..
Life does not stop just because you lose somewhere…..
Likewise, things does not stop just because you think J

There is always a Hope, possibilities and opportunities, just figure it out and Move on !

Life simply does not end…. Just Keep moving, keep rocking and keep smiling !! Remember  “A smile you sent will always return” (One more post written years back on Smile J)

Have fun, Keep rocking and Enjoy,
Inspiration With Ankit