Saturday, March 27, 2010

A smile you sent will always return....

It is very true statement that “smile you sent will always returns”.

There are lots of people for whom giving a smile is so far…! I don’t know why people can’t smile, may be they are not aware of the beauty of smile..!

Let me explain you with example, most of the time I am sharing my views with practical examples which people usually come across in their daily life.

As I am in stage of my bachelor life, I am living with my friends. We have a cook. Every day he comes and makes dinner for us. He is actually managing 3-4 places and trying to earn some money. While coming to our place he usually gets tired as ours is a last place for him. One day I gave him a sweet smile and realized smile in return in place of sad reaction...! After giving him a smile with 2-3 minutes of sweet talk every day, I have seen him with full of courage and enthusiasm with happiness in his work. I have been seeing him with smiling face while going back to his home with this exercise. So I have realized that giving smile can create happiness in somebody’s life. If you do so you will definitely get a smile in return. It’s well proven and I am damn sure it will work.

You might have remember “Jadu ki jappi” from MBBS movie, where moral was to create happiness with the help of hug. But that will work with your close ones or whom you know well. That may not work with unknown people and in your professional life. But smile with sweet talk will work everywhere. You can’t give hug usually to everybody but you can definitely smile with sweet talk.

Your smile does not harm you but it will definitely make somebody’s day.

I have been doing it from last couple of years and as a result I feeling self motivation, happiness with lots of encouragement with lots of my friends and people around me. It’s amazing…!

Smile always….



  1. :) ... very much true .. and thats is why our cook always asks about you and he gonna miss you .. :) ..

  2. Yes JD,

    I will also miss you all dude :-)


  3. Good one gops.

    "Haste haste, kat jaye raste,
    zindagi yuhi chalti rahe..
    Khushi mile ya gum,
    badlenge na hum.. duniya chahe badalti rahe.."

    Keep smiling :)

  4. Hey Umi....

    Yahi to he jindgi...!
    Bus keep smiling....