Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Its my first day of school Mumma Daddy !!

People say first day of pre-school should not be stressful. Well, yeah.. we also tried very hard and made plan thinking small things in advance to be relax on first day of Aarav’s school ! It was not a stressful day, busy though :) !!

Aarav was pretty excited to go his school today. Actually he was keep asking to go school from last few weeks. We knew the reason, in our recent vacation trip to back home India, he use to see my niece and nephew going school everyday, different school activities etc... Every morning he use to see School bus and kids going school. He was pretty excited to see them going school and was asking us “Daddy School… Mumma School” pointing his finger to the school bus. We took him to my niece’s school couple of times when we were in India, he was happily playing around with kids, running behind them on schoold ground, following kids what they do. We thought while he likes this activities and showed his interest to school, let's start his school. 

After coming back to states we started exploring different options to start his pre-school and choose “Montessori Learning Center” (Best school around our area)  . We visited school couple of times and met teachers there, Director of school Ms. Diane and teachers are very nice. We had a great school tour to see the facility and activates, we also discussed many things on how they teach kids, methods of teaching alphabets, we are impressed with their methods and way of teaching kids.  After our school tour and a discussion with School director, we choose this school for Aarav and enrolled him for 2016-2017 !

First day of school is a big step in our children’s lives. There will be new feelings for both kids and for parents too. As a parents we hope our kids will be excited and enthusiastic. Parents would be in hopes and worries about how their children would be.  There are lots of information available online on tips, strategies on how to prepare for this big step. Believe me, every parents would have mostly common story (with some differences)!! Sending a child to pre-school for the first time will be emotional roller coaster!! We will have to contain our emotions to help our child to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Today was a watershed step, first day of school !! We were pretty excited and started our day with all our plans we made in advance to be on time at school and do the document work for his school registration. Everything went well, Aarav was pretty happy too, He was thinking that Dady and Mumma are also going to stay at school with him. Aarav’s school timing was at 1:00pm, we reached little early as per plan to introduce Aarav to other kids. They opened school door at sharp 1:00pm, we took and entry. He was still happy, following other kids with his school bag in his hand. We completed some documentation work with school director. We were all set to move out from the school leaving Aarav with other kids and teachers.
One of the teacher came and asked Aarav to join other kids for their school class and immediately he turned his face with surprise and asked us… “Dady come… Mumma come..” But we had to leave him there. This was the time he started realizing that mom and dad are leaving me alone and he started crying… This was a tough time, seeing your kid crying and leaving him there. But We were confident enough on school and techers. We came out of school, He was crying, we were still be able to hear… ! We thought of waiting outside school at least until he stops crying. After 5-10 mins, He stopped crying. Teachers did an excellent job on keeping Aarav busy on different activities, he started playing with other kids also. I drove back to work and Lisa went back Home. After one hour we called school director to see How is he doing and he was doing absolutely fine.

Well, I must say, we were eagerly waiting for 4:00pm where his school ends, Lisa reached school early to pick him up, the moment door opened and he came out and saw Lisa.. He cried and complaining Lisa about why did she leave him alone. Why didn't she stayed there ? After few minutes he was absolutely fine and started telling us the schoold time story, what did he do, what he eat, what kids were doing, how did he played with others etc.... (obviously in his language which we 70-80% understand ;) ). 

First day of school was a full of excitement for Aarav and specially for us with lots of emotions !! Looking forward to his upcoming school days! Thanks you to Montesorri staff and school director and wishing you all the very best dear Aarav ! Have fun and enjoy each and every moment in life !

Love You,