Sunday, February 28, 2016

When things go wrong, take right and keep right !

Dear All,

You have always dreamed of planning perfect wedding, perfect trip, perfect celebration or perfect life but no matter how carefully you plan it, there are many things that can go wrong!!

Everybody expect life to have smooth way, nobody expect their life to have painful bumps like a 'ROLLER COASTER' ! Things may go wrong in life, everything is up and down in life. Being an engineer, I take life exactly as “sinusoidal wave”, frequency of wave could be different for individuals though. Thousands and millions of factors keeps changing with respect to time and as a result this sine wave frequency keeps updating!! Isn’t it interesting? Well, that is all about life !  

I have been hearing one of the great and motivational statement from my Dad and would like to share it across you all. He always says "લાઇફ મા તડકો અને છાયો આવયા કરે" which means Sun lights and Dark are part of life, you cannot stop them from your life. Sunlight (Happy time) and Dark (Painful time). You cannot avoid or stop them as they are under control of thousands of factors, some are under your control while many are not !!

We all must have feel/seen painful time in our life. I always chat with my Dad whenever I feel dark time and he always inspires me on  how to tackle and pass this time. He said if you think things are not going right and you feel frustration because of dark time in your life, you would surely cook wrong things as "Frustration and Fear triggers your bad Time Bomb !!"  He thought me some important things to take care while things go wrong !!

  1. Cool Down; Think with cool mind
  2. Share your time with person who always inspires you, Don't spare your time with who you think is just adds fear or frustration in life.
  3. Always take some advice and suggestions from person who you believe and start implementing those.
  4. Things/Time does not come with label “RIGHT”, Do your best and make it RIGHT !!
  5. Motivate yourself and keep it up.
  6. Don’t think about bad time which has already been past and think how to make presence and future good.
When things go wrong, take right and keep right !


Inspiration With Ankit !