Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fine is Mine or Mine is always Fine?

You could literally change your life overnight just by changing the way you think, and your attitude. But we mostly think negatively – it seems to be human nature. Thinking positively involves being optimistic, or positive, even in the most dire situations.

"Fine is Mine". This statement is very small in length but it is a very powerful statement for an individual. If you think that all fine things are mine or all fine things should be mine, then you motivating yourself to make it happen. So by making your attitude motivational, you are motivating yourself. You actually don't need to attend any motivational lecture :)

"Mine is always Fine"  This one is also a powerful thinking and an attitude to follow in many situations in our life. People who follow this attitude at right time and required situations are satisfied a person, they feel that whatever with them is fine! No eagerness to achieve more, satisfied with things whatever belongs to them. This way they are happy in most situations in their life. They don't care about the others, they won't compare themselves with others.

Some of my friends and I, we all were just talking on our past about how much our parents and we all struggled to reach at the level where we are today. Some friends were kinda complaining that we could have achieved and could have been better today if our parents and family were reached so that they could have done more for us. Here, even after having piece and nice life with them today, they are kind of in complain mode due to their past, which does not take them to feel real happiness. 

If you just think the same situation this way: It's nice that God gave us a tough time in past because of that we had to struggle to reach here. Due to this, we learned a lot during our struggle time and we pumped spirit about not going down at every level of our growth even in a dire situation. Same situation with a different attitude (Mine is always fine), you are not comparing your self with others and expressing thanks to your past to make you best from whatever it was. In a situation like this, "Mine is always Fine" attitude will be a source of happiness!

We all can do self-analysis and can find out in which one we should do and in which situation in our life. Let's analyze ourself and to keep the motivation up. 

It's the way you think to make yourself motivated and be happy. If you find yourself in the first category keep up the momentum to achieve the goal and be happy. Feel happy if you are in the second category! :) !! Just choose the right attitude with appropriate situations and be happy in either condition.

Inspiration With Ankit

Friday, May 11, 2018

આ દરીયો અને અેના વમળો તો જુઅો...

Thousands of thoughts in mind to say thank you to a very kind and smiling person who is our music teacher also. Music is one of the best ways to feel and connect with your soul. Prabodh Uncle, You are so nice, so kind and so energetic and very down to earth person. We all are learning lots of things from you, Thank you for everything.

The video is also available on my youtube channel, click here

You carry sweet smile always on your face and you probably won't know how much it inspires others! I am sure "A Smile you Sent will always return".

We all pretty much new to music and did not know anything about music, you started teaching us with your full of energy and more importantly created environment very friendly and interactive that nobody felt tensed or had had no fear. I remember you told each of your students that "Music is to release your stress not to get stressed" First important lesson we all learned.

I have written a small Kavita for you, Mr. Prabodh Vora, to express all of music class students feeling. This is for you

દરીયો અને અેના વમળો તો જુઅો...
નાની નાની નૌકઅો ના બળ તો જુઅો...

ઉમર બમણી છે છતા શક્તી તો જુઅો...
થાક વગર નુ જીવન, મુખ પર સ્માઇલ તો જુઅો..

કહુ છુ લોકો ને અેમના સંગીત નુ ફળ તો જુઅો..
છે તમારી આંખ પર જે પડ છે અે પડ હટાવી ને તો જુઅો..

લોકો કહેતા, શુન્ય છો તમે, આગળ અેકડો લગાવી તો જુઅો..
પ઼બોધ ગુરુ નો સાથ છે હવે, કોઇ આગળ બોલી ને તો જુઅો..

અમુલ્ય સંગીત અને નિદોઁશ સલાહો નો પ઼બોધ છો તમે...
અને આ લાભ અમને..! અમારા પુન્ય ના ઉદય તો જુઅો...

-અંકિત ગોપાણી

Thank you very much for all your effort with full of energy and giving us not only music lessons but very important life lessons too! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be part of your team. Looking forward to learning lots and lots of things.

Regards & Love,

Thursday, May 3, 2018

બહાનુ કાઢવા પાછા બીલ ફાડી કોઇના નામે.... !!!

Click on this video to listen this Kavita 

From the very first conversation about the drama, story or skit to the final moments of the performance, there have been many moments that have made us a family. We had our sine-wave moments, we mostly saw far more upside than any downside. As mentioned in the very first line of the Kavita 

કરતા અમે ભુલ કયારેક, પોચતા નોતા ટાઇમે
બહાનુ કાઢવા પાછા બીલ ફાડી કોઇના નામે
 Copyright © 2019 InspirationWithAnkit  -અંકિત ગોપાણિ

We most of the I never reached on time for practice, and when someone ask the reason I always blame someone or something... After I learned that "The time we lose will never come again". We pretty much do this in our daily life also... If we just do some self-analysis for our self we would realize that we always keep blaming something for our wrongdoing and justifies what we do irrespective of whether its right or wrong.

Kavita is written in a funny way of whole play we performed together to show how "Keval Gyan" can be achieved and what are our main enemies which are not letting us go on the right path for the liberation of our immortal soul.

This Kavita was written in just few minutes, dedicated to and belongs to each and every person of our team including backstage performers and on-stage performers, writers, director, helpers... 

Copyright © 2019 InspirationWithAnkit  -અંકિત ગોપાણિ
કરતા અમે ભુલ કયારેક, પોચતા નોતા ટાઇમે
બહાનુ કાઢવા પાછા બીલ ફાડી કોઇના નામે

બાહુબલી ની ફાઇટિંગ ને રેખા બેન નો લહેકો
તરંગ નુ મ્યુઝિક અને નેરેટર નો ટહેકો 

અશોક ભાઇ આવે પછી જતીન ભાઇ મહારાજ
ભરતરાજા ની દોડાદોડી તોય બેસે ઉપર ગજરાજ

૯૮ ભાઇઅો ની ચિંતા અને સ્વેતાંક આપે બોધ
બાહુબલી ને સમજાય નહી અેટકે આવે અેને કો્ધ

બાહુબલિ ની જોરદાર ફાઇટિંગ, તોડી દીધી ઢાલ
ભરત રાજા સાથે બાજે છે છતા લાઇલે છે કેવલ જ્ઞાન

ગજરાજ ને કલર કરતા, કરંયો કલર વ્હાઇટ
આપે બધા સુચના કે ઉપર બેસજો રાઇટ

પો્પ્સ મા રાખ્યા ગુકાબ ને સિક્કા ખોટા ખોટા
તોયે બધુ ઉપડી ગયુ નાટક જોતા જોતા..

સ્વાતિ બેન ની જિંદગી ને પાડોશી ચલાવે ડ્રોન
ટાઇમિંગ ખુબજ જરુરી તો, પડદો બંધ કરે કોન

કોકી બેન નો મોહ ને સ્વેતાંક ભાઇના ડાઇલોગ
ડાઇરેક્ટર ને કીધુ તુ કે, અમે કરી લઇસુ બધા ભાઇલોગ 
Copyright © 2019 InspirationWithAnkit  -અંકિત ગોપાણિ

Keep smiling... Spread Smile.... Be happy and just do good things... Fantastic time together and what a learning experience it was! Looking forward to work and learn more and more!

Love you all Khatarnak Mirtros!

With Love 💕,