Saturday, January 18, 2020

Distance does not matter : Thanks to technology - Hey Gijutsu!!

We are together connected, no matter where we are on the planet! Thanks to (Gijutsu) technology these days.

"Gijutsu" the group we started together 10 years back still active through technology, though none of us are working together today :)

We all started our career almost together (around 2005-2006) from a company called einfochips (Ahmedabad based ASIC & Embedded Product service company). We got trained together started working together and became FRIENDS!! We started our group called "Gijutsu". Gijutsu is a Japanese word used for skills or technology!!

We feel so lucky that we got an opportunity to start our career with this great company called eInfochips 12-14 years back. We all agreed that we learned so many good things that helped us develop our career and to become what we are today!! I am proud to say that everyone from this group today is part of the world's great and leading companies in the field of  ASIC Designs and Verifications and contributing their knowledge and skills to help develop the future!! I would like to mention that Tarak Patel who chooses to be an entrepreneur is today owning his own business and leading his own successful company called "zymo costetics" !! We are proud of you, TP!!

We have been all connected over Whatsapp and exchanging messages. Some of us, in fact, got an opportunity to meet in between too! But we never get an opportunity to meet TOGETHER in the last 10 years!! Our own BG (Bharat took an initiative to bring all of them together over video call!! :) Thank you, BG!

18th January, 7:00am PST is the time everybody decided and committed to meet and join over the video call. We all were in different time zones (PST, IST, CST, EST) but we were committed and excited to meet. The best part of the call was, Nirav had to drive his car to bring one of our funny alien to the conversation!!

This was one of the best mornings of my life!! Meeting and seeing you all together over video call after almost around 11 years was a great feeling! Very happy to see everybody's progress in the last 10 years! Great achievement guys and best wishes for the future. THANK YOU ALL for joining and making this day memorable!!

ઝિંદગી એક સાગર છે...!!
દોસ્ત એની લહેર છે...!!
દિલ એનો કિનારો છે...!!
જરૂરી એ નથી કે...!!
સાગર માં કેટલી લહેરો આવે છે...!!
જરૂરી એ છે કે...!!
કઈ લહેર કિનારાને સ્પર્શી જાય છે...!!

Hey Gijutsu !!

Love You Guys,
Inspiration With Ankit

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The real joy of મનોરંજન અને ઉત્સવ !!

માનવ જાત માટે મનોરંજન અને ઉત્સવ મનોવિદ્માન અને સામાજીક રિતે જરુરી છે. માણસ સ્વભાવ થી જ એક સામાજીક પ્રાણી છે. પોતાની જરુરીયાત એ કઇ પણ કરી ને પુરી કરી લેતો જ હોય છે.

પ્રાચિન કાળથી ઉત્સવનો અને મનોરંજન આ જરુરીયાત માથી જ થતા આવ્યા છે. કોઇ પણ કલ્ચર ની વાત કરીએ તો હરએક કલ્ચર મા કયારેય સમય કે સ્થળ ના કોઇ બંધન નડ્યા નથી. હર એક સમયે માણસ પોતાના માટે મનોરંજ માટે સમય અને સ્થળ ને અનુકુળ મનોરંજન અને ઉત્સવ ની વ્યવસ્થા કરતો જ આવ્યો છે.

પણ મનોરંજન અને ઉત્સવ વચ્ચે તફાવત છે. આ તફાવત એ ખુબજ સરસ રીતે શ્રી શાહબુદીન રાઠોડ એ સમજાવ્યો છે....! "શાહબુદ્દીન રાઠોડ" આઠ અક્ષરનું આ નામ સાંભળતા જ સૌના ચહેરા ઉપર હાસ્ય ફરી વળે કારણ સમગ્ર વિશ્વમાં ભાગ્યે જ કોઈ ગુજરાતી એવો હશે જે શાહબુદ્દીન રાઠોડ અને ‘વનેચંદના વરઘોડા’ થી અજાણ હશે. 

જે નમોરંજન મા પોતે હ્વદય થી ભાગ લઇ અને જોડાઇએ એ ઉત્સવ બને છે
અને કોઇક ના ઉત્સવ ટીવી મા જોઇ એ માત્ર ને માત્ર મનોરંજન જ  
બને છે..
-શાહબુદીન રાઠોડ

ઉત્સવ ની ઉજવણિ થી મનોરંજન મળે છે પણ ઉત્સવ ને ખરી રીતે માણવા તો એમા હ્વદય થી ભાગ જ લેવો પડે છે!

Let's all try to participate in "મનોરંજન (Entertainment)" to make it a "ઉત્સવ (Festival)" !! The joy and the piece are unbelievable.!!

પ્રેમ સાથે પ્રણામ 🙏

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Good Old Days... Good New Days!!

Good Old Days...... Good New Days!
For you, it may have been the 70's or 80s or 90s. For your parents perhaps it was the 40s or 50s and for their parents even before that. In any case, it was still innocence time!

Those days, we were enjoying things mostly outside, these days kids enjoy playing indoor games. Like these let's go back to those days and try to think about those games we loved and are missing today! I am sure you would list down at least 10 things which you won't see kids playing or enjoying today!! :)

Many times we say "those old good days"!! because it had that innocence things and memories attached to it. I remember I use to keep hearing this while growing up "those old good days"!! and we heard the same thing from our grandparents too! I believe, its the new time we make in the present which becomes good old times later :)

Those old days, we grow up flying kites in the sky and today, kids are flying drones !! :)
In other words, it's still the "good old days" but now our generation also has the "good new days" :)

Inspiration With Ankit💕

Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy New Year from us - LisAnk-Aarav

Happy New Year from us - LisAnk-Aarav

2020 has finally arrived like every new year, New year always brings new challenges in many fields which will allow us to learn and grow even more!!

This time of the year is filled with moments of celebration, reflections, and resolutions- all of which are great for inspiration and making the necessary changes one has been thinking about in the past year. It is also the time to assess the year that has passed. So what happened during 2019 and what to do for the new year?

Like every year this year was also an awesome year together, we had lots of fun and many good learning experiences… ! Most of them are really nice in terms of learning!! Let’s all step back for a few moments and think, list down all major good/bad events that occurred to an individual’s life. Every event would teach us something to learn and accept a few things.. whether it is good or bad. Good events teach you how to share, celebrate and enjoy quality time while bad events teach you even more… like how to react, fight bad time, learn, accept and how to move forward with all set of new positivity. I strongly believe It’s a matter of how you look at it together.

With all these things in mind…. 2019 was more special for us in terms of many things.. Aarav, my son started his Kindergarten!! He is very excited and is enjoying his school time. Isn’t it fun and fantastic memories when you see your kids learn and do things the first time!
Our parents visited us and we traveled to many places in the USA. We had many events and we expressed it with friends and family together and added a few more pages to our memory book! I started my new hobby of making a beautiful painting and added so many beautiful paintings to my Art Collection :) 

Like everyone we also learn many things nice way while some hard way but "You learn in any case!"

We wish you a new year would be 1000 times better than past year for everyone! Stay tuned for more exciting posts in the new year 2020 (with beautiful paintings:) !!

Wishing you all very happy healthy and wealthy 2020 !!

Love 💕

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Let's be here and live the actual moment and Be someplace else later !

You have a treasure within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer !!

Fight with yourself, why fight with external foes, He who conquers himself through himself will obtain real Happiness! - Lord Mahavira

Let's be here and live the actual moment and Be someplace else later!

Recently spent some time with bright colors and a pen and made some motivational painting (below)

Love & Piece 💕
Inspiration With Ankit

Monday, December 23, 2019

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Couldn't stop my thoughts and hand to put on paper... Draw this message on paper today.

Stay tuned for more drawings and painting @ Inspiration With Ankit

Love 💕
Inspiration With Ankit

Sunday, November 24, 2019

જીંદગી તુ છે ગણિત

જીંદગી તુ છે ગણિત 

જીંદગી તુ તો અઘરુ ગણિત હરરોજ નો નવો દાખલો 
કયારેક એકદમ સિધ્ધો ને કયારેક ખોવાયેલ જાણે ચાંદલો

એક ને ઉકેલુ ત્યા બીજા હાજર, જથ્થા મોટા ક્યારેક લાગતા,
એને લાગે છે કે એજ જીતશે, પણ અમે નથી હજી થાકતા,

આપ તું જીંદગી ગમે એટલા, જવાબ વગર ના દાખલા,
લાગશે તને કાંચા પડિશુ, પણ નિંભાડા ના અમે પાકા માટલા

પાણિ ભરો તો ટાઢક આપીએ અને સંગિત આપી ખાલીમા,
ફુટવાનો અમને ડર ક્યાથી હોય, છિએ અમે એનિ કાખમા.

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Michammi Dukkadam - મિચ્છામી દુક્ડમ્ 🙏🏻

Dear All,

On the last day of the Paryushana, the most important annual holy event of the Jain calendar, I seek forgiveness! I understand that there are many people who might be hurt as a result of my deeds without me knowing about it, I take this means to bow to the entire world and all the creatures and ask for forgiveness. If I have offended you in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or deed, I seek your forgiveness… Micchāmi Dukkaḍaṃ (मिच्छामि दुक्कडम्)! 
It shifts the ego to humility and helps to dissolve our ‘Karma- May all the evil that has been done be fruitless’.

This is a time to be connected to that ‘Oneness’. To reflect and let go of anything that is holding us back from that Oneness and connection. The reason for meeting and celebrating the circle of love and joy is to forgive and rejoice. Everyone in the community says “Micchami Dukkadam” (मिच्छामि दुक्कडम्) to the Divine and then to each other with folded hands and gratitude. 

Traditionally, it is said on the day of Samvatsari which is the last day of Paryushana, 8 days of the most important annual holy event of the Jain calendar. Seven days are days of attainment and the eighth day (Samvatsari day) is one of fulfillment or achievement. It is at this time that we embark on our respective annual pratikramana – a reflection on our spiritual journey for the past year. Old quarrels are forgotten and friendships and relationships renewed, as we fold our hands and ask for “मिच्छामि दुक्कडम्” or forgiveness. Michhami means to be fruitless (forgiven) and Dukkadam means bad deeds. Therefore the meaning of Michhami Dukkadam is my bad deeds (with you) be fruitless. So the concept behind saying or writing someone “मिच्छामि दुक्कडम्” is that ‘If I have done any harm to you than those bad deeds to be forgiven (be fruitless)

This is to me is a great way to improve the quality of Life. I like to practice this ritual every year and love all the dimensions of it, from exchanging hugs, to tears to love and liberation.

Antha karan thi (from bottom of my heart)

આખા વર્ષ દરમિયાન મારા કે મારા પરિવાર તરફ થી આપની લાગણી દુભાઈ હોય તેવુ કોઈ પણ કાર્ય જાણતા ક અજાણતા થયું હોય.... તો હું નત મસ્તકે ક્ષમા યાચું છું...

મિચ્છામી દુક્ડમ્ !
Micchāmi Dukkaḍaṃ (मिच्छामि दुक्कडम्) ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Monday, July 15, 2019

Khatarnak Kshatru !! A great experience from our play performed at International forum, 20TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION @ Ontario Convention, Los Angles

We, The Khatarnak Team!
With Grace, powerful emotions and magical voice, we helped and managed two powerful presentations or our great play in front of 1000+ viewers with pin drop silence! What an experience what a rocking performance from everybody! A team effort with great execution not once, but twice!! Yes, due to public demand, JAINA organization arranged our drama "Khatarnak Kshatru one more time on 6th July 2019 from 9:30 to 10:30 in Ballroom C @ Ontario Convention Center" in addition to one show that we had great success on 4th July 2019.

The expectation was high from all of us because This was not the first drama that our beloved director Rohak Vora directed, He had a long successful history of making wonderful plays and he has been making these types of play from last more than around 20 years. He has a proven history of raising bars every year by giving best out of best plays with a nice and inspiring message. This play was on Lord Rishabhdev, his son Bharat Raja, his mother Marudevi Mata, and his younger brother Bahubali Raja. The drama was on how they achieved “Keval Gyan” and what are our main enemies which are not letting us go on the right path for the liberation of our immortal soul. The name of the play was “Khataranak Shatru” (Dangerous Enemies). The play was compiled so nicely that each and every word had a deep meaning.
Panoramic View from the first-day houseful show
All the attendees at JAINA event had downloaded JAINA app on their smartphones. The app was sending push notification for our Drama as a reminder. It was around 4 thousand people across different part of the United States, Canada and also hundreds of people traveled from across the globe. My parents were in town and with us who traveled from India. They were so excited to see me performing the role of Bharat Raja who was one of the key characters in the whole play. We all were so tensed before our play as we were going to perform this in front of the international audience. We were not sure whether we are going to deliver right and met the audience and their expectations. There was a huge expectation from this play. The first show on 4th July was a houseful show, hundreds of people could not attend due to ballroom capacity. The whole ballroom was occupied in just 10 mins. The pressure was getting high. Everyone was hungry, tired and ready to call it a day. In spite, pin-drop silence throughout the play...and everyone listening to every dialog and every scene, It was amazingly performed a play together by every one of us. After the play, we received lots of compliments and have been still receiving it, What a great teamwork and success, Khatarnak Guys! I am really blessed and fortunate to be part of this team! Kudos to all of you! 

Family photo with the great director of this play Mr. Rohak Vora 
From the very first conversation about the drama, story or skit to the final moments of the performance, there have been many moments that have made us a family. We had our sine-wave moments, we mostly saw far more upside than any downside, if there was any. A family always have one path maker and we are fortunate to have King Uncle as our path maker along with Queen Aunty, guiding us, supporting us, teaching us, going along with us, laughing with us and above all, lifting all of us up. We will always be their students and we feel proud and fortunate in saying that. This show is dedicated to and belongs to the backstage performers, whom crowd didn't see doing what they did. To begin with, someone had a VISION from the story, someone THOUGHT of making a drama visualizing and CRAFTING characters, someone took the TIMEOUT from the daily routine spent TIRELESS hours in reaching out to each and every one, finding alternatives, CONVINCING on what-if scenarios, and making us BELIEVE that we can do it. Someone lost their sleep and spent nights and STOLE every moment from the work-day that they could to keep the momentum up and doing what was needed to be done. Someone spent and drove many places to find the right PROPS for each character. Someone WROTE each line of the dialogs on the blank paper, knowing nothing what word was going to come next. Someone had piles of rewritten papers before anything presentable came along. Someone spent hours with each character in making sure the dialogs were accurate and suited each character. Someone corrected, someone memorized, someone learned to deliver, someone brought emotions from the very first dialog, someone came along and put all the pieces together and artistically converted raw sand into a sculpture. Someone happily accepted the role that was given, Someone came to all practices just for one dialog, Someone helped behind closed curtain or AV systems, showing no pictures, no videos, no wows (what a selfless act!), Someone Crafted, Painted, Decorated (...again no direct-wows from the crowd, what a selfless act!), Someone made "What?-Really?-Is-This-Possible?" to real-life Elephant and Samosharana "Refuge to All". Someone showered the Petals showing another dimension was possible. Someone joined us with their unique expertise and no relation to our religion or show and yet didn't hesitate to help. Just imagine the hours from thoughts-to-real life props, This is YOU, This is you Someone, who made it all possible. Love you all Khatarnak Guys!! Kudos to all of you! Let's all celebrate this together and plan for the next project!! 🙂🙂
BharatRaja-MarudeviMata Keval Gyan scene on Elephant
Thanks to JAINA, JSSD and for giving us this opportunity to spread a great message on Jainism about A special thanks to my family, Lisa, and Aarav who managed all responsibilities while I was out for practicing this play, late-night practices for many days!! Parents were the town with us for vacation and you managed them their need and everything to make sure I get a good time for practice! Thank you for all your support, LisAnk-Aarav!

LisAnk-Aarav 💕

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

બાપ તમે મારા ને દીકરો હુ તમારો...

Copyright © 2019 Inspiration With Ankit, Ankit Gopani 

તમે પેટે પાટા બાંધી ને આપ્યુ જગત નુ જ્ઞાન,
સમજદારી આપી દુનિયા ની ને પુયાઁ મારામા પ્રાણ,
પાપા પગલી કરતા પડતો, ને હાથ પકડતો તમારો,
થાકી જાવ જો ચાલતા થોડો, તો સિધ્ધો ખભ્ભો તમારો...
                      બાપ તમે મારા ને દીકરો હુ તમારો...

ભુલો ઘણી હુ કરતો, પણ માફ પણ તમે  કરતા,
"ધવલ-અંકિત-માનુને તમે મનથી આષીશ દેતા,
રોજ નો બધો આનંદ અમને અને સંઘષઁ બધો તમારો,
જીવન મા ઘણા દુખ છતા હસતો છે ચહેરો તમારો...
                     બાપ તમે મારા ને દીકરો હુ તમારો...

ભુલિ જવાના છે બધા લાકો કિતાબો સામટિ,
અમે નહિ ભુલિઅે કાંઈ આપેલી શિખામણો આપની,
આવ્યો તો હુ દુનિયા મા જાણે ચોપડો આખો કોરો,
પાના અેમા ભરતો ગયો જોઈ જોઈ સંઘષઁ તમારો...
                     બાપ તમે મારા ને દીકરો હુ તમારો...

બરછટ થયેલી હો હથેળિ, તોય કોળિયો દેતા,
હોય ભલે ને ઘાવ હજારો, ખબર  પડવા દેતા,
કપડા લાવતા અવારનવાર, પાડવા મોભો અમારો,
પણ ઠિગડા જો મારવા ના હોય તો ઝભ્ભો પેલો તમારો...
                     બાપ તમે મારા ને દીકરો હુ તમારો...

સમજણ થી સમજણ વધારી, સીખવિ રીતો સંસાર ની,
પીં જાવ છો દુખના ઘુટડા, ઢાલ બની સંતાન ની,
અે સાઈકલ પર નો આંટો ને, ઘંટડી નો અવાજ અમારો,
હું નો થાકી જાવ અેટલે, પેંડલ પર તો પગ તમારો...
                      બાપ તમે મારા ને દીકરો હુ તમારો...

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Saturday, March 2, 2019

પ્રેમ તારો ને પ્રેમ મારો પણ.. - Happy Anniversary 💕

આનંદમય આ આપણુ મસ્ત લગ્ન જીવન,
મા સ્મિત તારુ પણ અને સ્મિત મારુ પણ..

નથી રહિ મંજીલ હવે મારા કલાની,
મા પરિશ્રમ તારો પણ, અને મારો પણ..

ચડ ઉતર તો રહિ છે ઘણી જીવન મા,
મા સમજણ તારી પણ, અને મારી પણ..,

જીવ બે છે આપણા, ને જીવન  ક આપણુ,
મા પ્રેમ તારો પણ, ને પ્રેમ મારો પણ..
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Last 8 years that I have passed would have been not so memorable if you would have not been part of my life. I would like to ensure that the passing years have not diminished my love and caring nature for you in the least, Instead, my love only depends on the time because it always gives me more opportunities to appreciate how you have been managing challenges in our life in a good and bad time! I would like to express thanks for all your support and care that you have been doing for the family.

Time flies by when you’re having a good time. This is especially true when you’re spending your time with the one you love most. After 8 years of marriage, I just can't believe how happy I am! Wedding anniversaries are beautiful reminders of this wonderful journey.  You’ve accompanied me through all the good and bad times of life. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and I’ve always stood by your side through your difficult days. Our hearts are connected for infinity. Thank you for helping us pass those hurdles and get all of us there to have a fantastic life!

Age does increase each year, And so is our love for one another. As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change and that's our love and understanding to for each other.

It's been an incredible ride and looking forward to what the next many many years have in store for us. Thanks to all family and friends for supporting and celebrating with us all these years.

Its Love that makes a relation, Its Relation that makes family and Its family that makes Home. I would like to express thanks for all your support and care that you have been doing for myself and family from the last 8 years! Happy 8th Lisa 💕

With Love 💕

Monday, February 25, 2019

Share a Smile - Priceless Happiness with “Chaakri – Seva” !!

Contribute for a good cause and earn priceless Punya karma (Good Deeds) !! 

Someone might have offered you a helping hand when you were down anytime in your life, volunteering and donating for good cause gives you the opportunity to pay that favor forward. Contributing to a good cause gives us HAPPINESS that can’t be bought by any amount of money!!

I was having lunch last weekend with a few of my friends who have been a strong pillar of our lives directly and indirectly. We were having a discussion about "Women Empowerment" and this particular cause came in our discussion. They shared a great story on how a joining hand can make a huge difference to someone's lives & bring smiles on thousands. 

Devi Gupta, is one such woman. Physically and mentally abused for years by her husband, Chaakri holistically supported Devi by not only giving her a job but becoming her support system for everything - children's education, health, counselling, financial management, etc. Today, Devi lives a life of confidence and dignity. And has become the support of many other women in her village. Chaakri employs 90 women as of now... With your help, Chaakri can employ many more such victims of domestic abuse and provide them with a life of dignity,

Chaakri, a fully volunteer-run organization, was launched in 2005 to promote employment and support to tribal women in a rural district of Raigad. All the women come from marginalized backgrounds & are trained to make khakhras. Today these khakhras are sold internationally, a matter of great pride for these women. Chaakri signifies ‘seva’ and ‘service’ in the Hindi language. “Privileged are those who support the less privileged” is their tagline, you can find more details on their website This organization help creating employment for needy women through the skill identification, motivation, capacity building, and innovation. It helps to create lots of employment opportunities for underprivileged women in a rural part of India. 

Urge you to support this good cause & help them collectively raise money to empower underprivileged women!

Read the full story of Devi Gupta below and if you are located in India, you can donate from here.

For those in US, wishing to donate in dollars $$, you can donate from below given link (please note that all your donation is fully tax deductible):
Credit Card/Paypal Donation: Donate to Share a Smile
Please direct message me at for any question or suggestion.

Let's be part of this big cause, Let's share a SMILE and be a part of Priceless Happiness with Chaakri - Seva!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Thank You - આભાર !!

હોય ભલે ને થોડી કુટેવો,
હુ તો તોયે મલવા જેવો,
સૌ પુછે છે, સારુ શુ છે?
સાચો ઉતર કોને દેવો !

આપ ભલે ને હોય ગમે તે,
હુ ય નથી કાઇ જેવો તેવો..

દપણઁ ની ઉમર વધી છે,
હુ તો છુ અેનો ને અેવો..☺

One less year in life to achieve what I have been trying to and what I have planned to achieve. Well, that's the Inspiration!! An inspiration to run even faster, learn fast and act quickly, years are just passing!!

On this day, I recap the last whole year and realize that there were many incidents and events where I feel I improved, there are few things where I still think, I could have done better but I could not. The problem is, we all keep justifying our decision to prove ourself right! Later in life, you feel, you did a mistake. Thanks to all the experience, You learn In Any Case" For times of success which will always be happy memories and for times of failure which reminded me of my own weakness. I must say, self-introspection helps. You are all charming gardeners who make our souls blossom!! Thank you all my family and friends around who have been helping and pumping power energy every single day! You all are a real gem in my life, You have been helping in many ways, no matter its good or bad time!

I had a wonderful birthday with family and friends. I spend those beautiful moments in fellowship with my loved ones and missed all those who were not with me. I thank God for all his love bestowed on me the last year, I cherish each day and each moment of the year. I believe this year is the year of restoration in all that I do and that I could not do last year which I believe I could. Thank you all for wishing me and standing by me the last year and all the years. I promise this year, I will be better!!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019 !!

2019 has finally arrived like every new year. A new year always bring new challenges in many fields which will allow us to learn and grow even more!! Best wishes on this new year from us!

This time of the year is filled with moments of celebration, reflections, and resolutions- all of which are great for inspiration and making the necessary changes one has been thinking about in the past year. It is also the time to assess the year that has passed. So what happened during 2018 and what to do for a new year?

Everybody expects life to have smooth way, nobody expects their life to have painful bumps like a 'ROLLER COASTER'! Things may go wrong in life, everything is up and down in life. Every year has new challenges and opportunities with lots of fun, learning !! Like every year this year was also an awesome year together. Let’s all step back for a few moments and think, list down all major good/bad events occurred to individual’s life. I must say… every event would teach you something to learn and accept a few things.. whether it is good or bad. Good events teach you how to share, celebrate and enjoy quality time while bad events teach you even more… like how to react, fight bad time, learn, accept and how to move forward with positivity. I strongly believe It’s a matter of how you look at it together.

4 Pillars of our family. Guys, we learned so many things from each other. Thank you for all the learning from each one of you during good and bad times. We truly strong together! Keep rocking and keep smiling as always. Best wishes for this new years! Love you all.

With all these things in mind…. 2018 was more special for us in terms of many things…. Aarav… our Son turned 4 and is going to turn 5 this month. My brother and sister-in-law blessed with a little bundle of joy named "Devarsh", He is 3 months old now. We visited a home country for a December vacation, spent a fantastic time together at different places in India and had lots of fun together! 

We had many more events and celebration we expressed it with friends and family together and added a few more pages to our memory book! Our 3 little master had lots of fun together, the kids are awesome and enjoyed every moment during our vacation in India. Wishing you all a smiling new year with lots of love. 

Everyone has their own learning and experience from the past year and new thinking, the expectation from the new year! Like everyone we also learn many things nice way while some hard way….. but you learn in any case!

I wish new year would be 1000 time better than the past year for everyone! May this year brings lots of happiness and energy to do more and more good things for family, friends, and society.

Wishing you all very happy and healthy new year!!

With Love,