Sunday, November 16, 2014

I owe you guys !!

One more weekend staying away from family… and can’t stop writing myself !

It has been around 2 month my loving wife and cutee hero little Aarav on vacation and are back home in India. There are couple of things I was thinking when we were planning for this vacation. We thought a lot together and decided for couple months vacation for my wife and little one as dear and near ones were waiting to see them back home, especially “our little hero”. I was in dilemma whether to let them go on vacation these many days or not. The reason is, I started realizing the life without family, especially without my 8 months old hero who keeps charging his daddy every day. But then we took a decision and finally made a travel plan to make other family members happy back home country. So the vacation started with a new paragraph of one the chapter in my life! Now they are back to home town for vacation, people were extremely happy to see them back especially with Aarav (LisAnk’s little guy). They all were very happy and started enjoying life all together with lots of fun and memories. Initial days I was too feeling very happy to see them enjoying back home with parents and other family members and at the other hand, getting a chance living alone here in freedom with bachelor life J.  But I must say this freedom you would not accept after couple weeks especially when you have little on in your family, missing you "Daddy's little guy", counting these days ! I still remember, I wrote a blog on April 2010 on "Somebody was crying whenever I was flying" Here the situation is kind of reverse :), You never know what is waiting ahead in your life.

Here I would like to express thanks from bottom of my heart to all my near friends who took care of lot of things during this time when I am away from family. They never let me feel away from family. During this time there were many occasions, gathering, celebrations we had but I must say guys, in none of these events I felt that I am away from family. Weekdays are kind of busy for most of us so time would go fast, but weekends are kind of long time to pass without family but they (specially all my younger sisters :)) always arrange something over the weekend and never forgot to invite me to be a part of it. Mostly it is kind of potlucks, gatherings, playing games, making some gossips, going together for bowling, pizza parties, and more importantly make memories out of it. So time was passing fast and I am not feeling away from family. Mostly every weekend or some time during the weekdays they somehow arrange dinners for me and they always try to make me feel like I am not away from family by making delicious home made dishes. Every time I go on dinner, I always felt having dinner with family as I never felt its just a dinner but always felt a dinner of delicious dishes made with lots of love, kindness, friendship and feelings of caring nature !! They keep arranging potluck mostly over the weekends with different reasons and never forgot to invite me. They knew that I can cook something for potluck but they never asked me to do so and come with some recipe. You guys have took care of many things when I am away from family. I would like to express my thanks for all such things not only by writing but would like to arrange a small party for you guys once my family back home :) I must say without you guys it would have been difficult for me to pass the hard time away from family. You guys have made memories in one of the chapter of my life and I owe you guys !! 

Have a wonderful life and god bless !

Regards & Love,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fun, Love, Memories and happiness is what you get when you are in parenthood !

“Dreams always comes true, and ours came to us wrapped in blue” 

Our's came to us on 31st of Jan, 2014 and since then the life changed completely in many ways. Today he turned 9 month ! Life filled up with all sets of new happiness and joy when baby arrives. We realized that he (his name is Aarav) made love more stronger. Initial 8-10 weeks he was mostly sleeping without knowing when to sleep and when not too J So that time was kind of challenge for us.. but you know, I must say even with sleepless nights I was totally charged in every morning for the work and having excitement to come back home soon finishing work fast to see cute smile. So the time was flying fast with an excitement to go home after work to see baby every day. After coming home we use to go out for walk with baby and believe me these moments are real memorable as you could see extremely different reaction, excitements and fun on baby’s face. We laugh when they laugh, we smile when they smile, Baby remind us what it’s like to be happy with the simple things in life. They are so innocent that whatever expression you give them they will return those with a cute smile which is what you always wait for and that will force you to smile... Isn't it ? :)

Somewhere I read and our parents also told us that we should go out for walk every day for few minutes. Giving baby an opportunity to see the world with different things, lights and fresh and natural air in their initial growth phase. This is very useful for the babies as it helps improving baby’s vision and grasping power in terms of their growth. Seeing your baby with different expression on their face is extremely different experience. Isn’t it ? I am sure the moment you see your baby with different expression, you would try to give the same expression in return. Isn’t it a fun you have ever enjoyed? Giving them a different expression with full of joy is a one of the great fun in the world. We have been realizing and enjoying these moments of life with ‘Dady’s little Guy’. At the age of 4-5 months he started recognizing people around him meaning he know who is mom and who is dad. One day we had a regular doctor visit when he was 5.5 months old. He was playing with us even when we were discussing with doctor. The moment we put him down for doctor for regular checkup, and the moment doctor touched him for checkup he started crying!! We realized that he is recognizing people ! The moment we lift him up he was smiling and started playing in his natural mood !

Another kind of fun I always enjoy is with my wife Lisa :), arguing on whether he is “Dady’s little Guy” or “Momma’s little teddy” !! J Especially when we are on shopping for Aarav. I always want to buy a cloths with printed statements like “Dady’s little Guy”, “Dady’s little Champ” etc… and She always wants to buy something like “Momma’s little teddy”, “Mummy’s little master” etc… ! With making arguments to each other we sometime end up buying two sets of cloths to make our self-happy or someone (mostly I have) has to compromise J. Isn’t it a fun shopping ! Yes it is, we have been hearing from many friends but now we are realizing the fun out of this little things. A baby makes love stronger, day shorter, past forgotten and the future worth living for…. !

Babies makes us charged everytime we see them, makes us stress free when you come home and see them. Every day is full of fun, surprises and happiness because every day they grow by grasping and learning new things. We could observe new things and activities everyday which makes us even more happy!!. Seeing your baby learning new things keeps you busy and charged.

Fun, Love ,Memories and happiness is what you get when you are in parenthood ! Enjoy your parenthood at its best and keep recording all memorable moments !

Love you LisAarav !