Saturday, October 3, 2015

I hold your little hand in mine, it reminds me that life is so fine !!

I could not stop writing this post Daddy's little guy !! Actually, I must say, every day is a new post with lots of fun and excitement when you have baby at home!!

I am sure, all parents must have experienced this fun, every parents probably would have different story to share. Here is ours... and this one is for you my life.. Aarav !

I still remember the post I wrote last year on "parenthood" and fun.. ! You were 9 months old and were away from your Daddy for few weeks, I know how hard was that time! I can't believe 20 months have passed since you came in to this beautiful world. Time flew so fast, may be because we enjoy, we really did enjoy watching you grow up my son ! I must say, you fascinate us with your every little milestones. You are the one making us feeling happy every day and busy too ! You are the reason of our life little one... ! I don't know if I will be able to do what it takes to achieve all my dreams but I do know that I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve all your dreams as you grow up.

We are observing changes within you. For instance, we noticed how you reaches out to brightly colored toy cars. How can we forgot your interest in music? We were thinking babies at the age of one and half probably would not know about the specific type of musics and you proved us wrong my hero !! We surprised to see you enjoying music. Well, place does not matter fro you, you are just enjoying :). I still remember that shopping day, we were busy in debating to chose some cloths while you were enjoying and dancing on the song played in the store, I recorded that moment in a short video and enjoying to see you and your innocent dance on the floor every time we play this :). I tried not to miss single moment of our life together and keep recording, lots of selfies, videos, photos and of course few blog posts :) I am sure you will enjoy each and every thing when you see and feel this !!

I still remember the first word at the age of 11th month you pronounced saying "baasssh.." it was soo sweet to inform people "that's.. it" but for you it wasn't !! :) Later, each day something new.. few of them are "Basee... (this one is for bus)", "Ohh nuuuuu", "Oooooo", "Mummaa", "Dadeee" etc... Wait, How can I forget "Ishikaa.." :) Today I could see you are trying to copy every single word we ask you to speak with your cute way ! Whatever you speak is way more impressive and cute than we speak, no matter whether its correct or not !! You would not know how cute you were speaking unless you hear yourself all these moments I captured for you. You know, I am addicted to your cuteness your laughter, your sweetness hugs and kisses, magic and your response to the music and dancing with me. I love that you let your imagination make your and our life more exciting and colorful.

You would probably enjoy the moments and fun you have enjoyed with your first friend in your life.. Devarsh ! Lucky you that you have Devarsh as first friend in your life. Couple cutees are waiting for the best time to come in to the beautiful world to give you a company :). I am sure and wish you all will have fun in future and enjoy your life wherever you all may be !! Have fun guys.. life is yours!! 

 There has never been, nor will there ever be anything quite so special as the love between you and us !

Love you LisAnk-Aarav !