Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dont lose your smile because there are people who relies on it..!

Some time people just don't understand and forget the truth that there are other people who are living because of his/her smile. We all are living in a world where we are engaged with each other with different relationship and trust. We all have people around us who are living their life just because of our smile. As an human being people gives us an smile or frown knowingly or unknowingly.

Sometimes life may seem unfair, the present unsure and the future unclear but as we journey along the road, remember "don't lose your smile as there are always your loved ones who relies on your beautiful smiles"

I have been in the critical situation in my life, I was really in tough situation where I could not stop my mind to think on negative side and finally I lost my smile. But then after some time I realized that as we journey along each day of our lives things will come with different surprises and try to accept the things which is fact. But that time was really bad in my life as I went through unexpected and unacceptable things. I was in a state where I could not smile to friends, my brother, my mom, dad. Every day they keep calling me with the hope to receive my beautiful smile but I could not. Mom was asking me everyday on phone "su thayu appu (she use to call me 'Appu') beta?" It means what happen my son?  Answer was always without smile.

Days were passing and life was going in sadness. After some days I have realized that all my loved ones who are very close to me are also in state where they could not smile to each other. They were waiting for my smile, why is he not smiling? where is his smile gone? etc... I though a lot and realized the reason behind all my loved one's smile. And that was my smile..! Finally I made my mind to accept the fact and tried to be happy and keep people happy around me.

I started following a rule called "when life gets tough we should just play pretend"
I am happy now and feeling happy with lots of smiles around me.....!

So keep smiling with Ankit...!

Inspiration with Ankit

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