Friday, June 1, 2018

Life is like "Sugar Cane", learn to avoid sugarcane bud and enjoy its sweetness... "મોજે મોજ રોજે રોજ..!"

દુનિયા શેરડી જેવી છે.. જ્યા મોજ આવે તયા સાંઠો આવી જાય...
પણ જો અેને કાઢિ નાખો તો પાછી મોજ ચાલુ રે..  -  મોજે મોજ રોજે રોજ..! 

We grow, time moves, life changes and with all these changes one thing remains constant and it is "learning" !! You learn in any case -  A blog post I wrote early last year!

Everybody expect life to have smooth way, nobody expects their life to have painful bumps like a 'ROLLER COASTER'! In reality, life is like a Sugar Cane, when you really start enjoying its sweetness, SugarCane Bud comes in between and disturbs your taste and stops your enjoyment. To be able to continue enjoying its taste you need to work on it to remove it so that you can continue enjoying its sweetness! Remember, it requires your effort to remove them to be able to enjoy the sweetness !!

Life is exactly like this.. You start enjoying your life and its sweetness and these bud comes in between and disturbs your happiness,. In a situation like this, you need to work on it to remove it from your life to be able to continue enjoying your happiness. Don't let some sugarcane bud disturb your life. We all are intelligent enough to identify things which are sugarcane bud and disturbing our life.

જરુર હોય ત્યારે ફોટો પાડે... કામ પતે અેટલે ખોટો પાડે !

We all do this, it just that we don't know because we are so habituated doing this for many many years! If you think your life is getting disturbed by these type of buds, just avoid and remove them from your life. You don't deserve anyone who only wants you when they need you but rather someone who is always by your side when they know you need them. God does not make everything for us, So just let it go.

You don't deserve anyone who makes you sad and makes you cry but rather someone who makes you happy and makes you smile! Let's all introspect and try to find sugarcane bud from our life and work on it to remove to be able to continue enjoying life at its full with real sweetness! Just be happy and Have fun and Enjoy the life! 

મોજે મોજ રોજે રોજ...