Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its all about the way you talk and the way you smile...

Dear All,

Again I am inspired by somebody who is very close to me, and as a result I forced myself to write this blog. I am writing this post again on smile because what I have felt so far is "Your smile is everything from which you can create happiness around you"

The way of talk and the way of smile are the biggest things to make yours and othere's life with full of happiness. As you know I have been posting all my experiences and personal feelings on inspiration, Here I would like to share one more......

I was staying with some of my friends in Ahmedabad who are very close to me, I have learn so many things from individuals. I have a big friend circle, from them one is very close to me and I am socially attached with him too. He was perusing his Masters in Business Management (MBA). He is a very funny and fun loving buddy and always eager to know new things in his area. He has lot of good qualities like "to make people happy", "the way of talk", "the way of smile" etc.... What I have seen is, 'wherever he goes he use to make relationship easily with anybody with sweet talk and smile'.

We use to go out for food at Manek Chowk before he (my cousin) came to Ahmedabad. Then he shifted to Ahmedabad to finish his Master Degree, I arranged his stay with me. We use to go out frequently for food at the same place (Manek Chowk). Interesting thing was, 'he had created a good relationship with the food court owners within a 2-3 visits !'. Not even with the owners, he had created a good relationship with servants as well. I was really wondering how can it possible in 2-3 visits....! But I marked his way of talk and smile and realized that He was able to make people happy with his talk and smile. People doesn't need only money, they need something more and that is 'sweet smile and sweet talk'.

We have to pay money if we want buy something, there are no doubt in that. Paying money is not enough to create happiness around but paying it with smile and little sweet talk will definitely create happiness across. I could easily see his way of communication with little smile always on his face. I am seeing the same quality and encouraged myself to follow the same. You can also try and I am damn sure that you will get the result soon...! Try and enjoy your life with happiness around....!!

Inspiration with Ankit


  1. yes... i agree with u. A simple smile can create a huge difference in our surroundings.

    As described by Paulo Coelho in 'The alchemist', there is a language of the universe, which everyone understands. Wherever u go, whoever u talk to, whatever mother tongue someone follows, he surely understands this universal language. A smile is one of the most powerful words of that language.

  2. Hey Nilay,

    Nice to see your comments...!

    Smile is one of the most powerful and universal language....! With smile we can create happiness around..

    That's why I have written one blog called "A smile you sent will always return"

    Keep smiling and be happy :-)

    -Ankit Gopani

  3. I had this guy with me in college. His flow of words, body language and way of talking was so smooth friendly and sweet, and wherever he used to go he was able to convince people.

    Some people are born with such qualities who can blurt out impressing good statements anytime during their conversation.

    Yah its helpful a lot to keep life easy and relations intact. May be I should try to improve this skill for myself.

  4. Thanks Shunty for your comments..!

    I agree that its helpful to keep life easy and relationship intact. I am also trying to improve this skill.

    -Inspiration With Ankit