Saturday, March 13, 2010

Choices makes you confused….! But there are ways to make good choice out of them.

Dear All,
I am sure you all must have come across the situations where you might have felt confusion to take a decision. When you have choices on your hand it is very tough to make a proper out of them. It always be tough as choices always makes us confuse..!
For everybody, there could be situations where individual have to come up with the proper decision which should drive his and his family’s life towards comfort zone. Comfort zone is not always the outcome of money. There are things with which you can make yours and your family’s life in comfort zone. I understand this is very hard to digest. But frankly speaking “Things which are tasty for tongue is not good for health most of the time” 
This is what happened in my life some days back, I had a good option and lucrative offers to start my life with luxury and on the other hand my family and loved ones.  I was in a state where I had to take a proper decisions considering all the situations. I could have chosen thing through which I can drive myself in comfort zone with luxury life. But had not. My friends were telling me that you are going to make a wrong decision, even I had been mentally forced by some of my friends and colleagues but I was stick on my decision. The reason behind my decision was, I was not thinking for myself, instead… was thinking for people (my loved ones) who are mentally, socially, economically attached with me. I have finally chosen my family and my all loved once with whom I can start my life with some what less comfort zone and with little bit less luxuries in terms of money. But ultimately what will you do when you don't have your family or your near one with you, but you are millionaire…!
I would say “Don't chose an option which is beneficial for you rather chose a option which is beneficial for your family and all your loved one”
-Ankit Gopani