Friday, May 11, 2018

આ દરીયો અને અેના વમળો તો જુઅો...

Thousands of thoughts in mind to say thank you to a very kind and smiling person who is our music teacher also. Music is one of the best ways to feel and connect with your soul. Prabodh Uncle, You are so nice, so kind and so energetic and very down to earth person. We all are learning lots of things from you, Thank you for everything.

The video is also available on my youtube channel, click here

You carry sweet smile always on your face and you probably won't know how much it inspires others! I am sure "A Smile you Sent will always return".

We all pretty much new to music and did not know anything about music, you started teaching us with your full of energy and more importantly created environment very friendly and interactive that nobody felt tensed or had had no fear. I remember you told each of your students that "Music is to release your stress not to get stressed" First important lesson we all learned.

I have written a small Kavita for you, Mr. Prabodh Vora, to express all of music class students feeling. This is for you

દરીયો અને અેના વમળો તો જુઅો...
નાની નાની નૌકઅો ના બળ તો જુઅો...

ઉમર બમણી છે છતા શક્તી તો જુઅો...
થાક વગર નુ જીવન, મુખ પર સ્માઇલ તો જુઅો..

કહુ છુ લોકો ને અેમના સંગીત નુ ફળ તો જુઅો..
છે તમારી આંખ પર જે પડ છે અે પડ હટાવી ને તો જુઅો..

લોકો કહેતા, શુન્ય છો તમે, આગળ અેકડો લગાવી તો જુઅો..
પ઼બોધ ગુરુ નો સાથ છે હવે, કોઇ આગળ બોલી ને તો જુઅો..

અમુલ્ય સંગીત અને નિદોઁશ સલાહો નો પ઼બોધ છો તમે...
અને આ લાભ અમને..! અમારા પુન્ય ના ઉદય તો જુઅો...

-અંકિત ગોપાણી

Thank you very much for all your effort with full of energy and giving us not only music lessons but very important life lessons too! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be part of your team. Looking forward to learning lots and lots of things.

Regards & Love,

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