Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018 !!

Happy New Year dear readers J

2018 has finally arrived like every new year. A new year always bring new challenges in many fields which will allow us to learn and grow even more!!

This time of the year is filled with moments of celebration, reflections, and resolutions- all of which are great for inspiration and making the necessary changes one has been thinking about in the past year.
It is also the time to assess the year that has passed. So what happened during 2017 and what to do for a new year?

Everybody expect life to have smooth way, nobody expects their life to have painful bumps like a 'ROLLER COASTER'! Things may go wrong in life, everything is up and down in life. Every year has new challenges and opportunities with lots of fun, learning !! Like every year this year was also an awesome year together, we had lots of fun and good learning experience… ! Most of them are really nice in terms of learning!! Let’s all step back for a few moments and think, list down all major good/bad events occurred to individual’s life. I must say… every event would teach you something to learn and accept few things.. whether it is good or bad. Good events teach you how to share, celebrate and enjoy quality time while bad events teaches you even more… like how to react, fight bad time, learn, accept and how to move forward with all set of new positivity. I strongly believe It’s a matter of how you look at it together.

With all these things in mind…. 2017 was more special for us in terms of many things…. Aarav… our Son turned 3 and is going to turn 4 this month, Our parents visited us and we visited a home country for short vacation, spent fantastic time together at Rajasthan, India and had lots of fun together! 

My dream came true, met a well known, highly reputed and my favorite Gujarati Humorists, philosopher and inspiration!!! Mr Shahbuddin Rathod at his house "Aashiyana, Thankgadh"🙏

We had many more events and celebration we expressed it with friends and family together and added few more pages to our memory book! 

Everyone has their own learning and experience from past year and new thinking, the expectation from new year! Like everyone we also learn many things nice way while some hard way….. but you learn in any case!

I wish new year would be 1000 time more better than past year for everyone! Stay tuned for a more exciting post this year !! May this year brings lots of happiness and energy to do more any more good things for family, friends, and society.

Wishing you all very happy healthy and wealthy new year !!

With Love,


  1. Happy New Year Ankit. Keep blogging ��

  2. Happy new year my friend. Thanks for reading, stay in touch.

    Take care

  3. Happy New year,Nice Blog..Rg Ashish Makwana

  4. Good to hear from you and Thank you for reading Aashish.

    Take care,

  5. Great Blog Ankit !!! Keep it going!!!

  6. Thank you Jigar and congratulation. Welcome to the parenthood :)

    Take Care,