Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Its Daddy Mania !! Say... Cheese !

It’s your magical Smile "Aarav" when I “say Cheese” !!

Despite loving natural photos, there is something special about photos captured after you say two magical word “say cheese” !! BTW How did you know Aarav, whether I am taking selfie or capturing your photos from rear camera? Any way I have been accepting your many learning things these days, so one more to that list !

It is amazing that how fast you grow and how fast you grasp and pick the things you like. We have been observing your attachments with DADY and MUMMA !! Well, for mumma you just started .. ! Lisa, don’t worry… there is nothing that you or I could do… I think it’s toddler’s way of making their choices ;)  Well, Its “DADY MANIA” !! Lisa, I understand it’s really hard not to feel a bit guilty if you are the one being ignored specially when I am around ! When I am not around, any way he does not have choice and behaves like he is totally yours.. Shall I say “MUMMA MANIA” throughout day and “DADY MANIA” rest of the time and whole weekend ☺?

I think this is pretty common situation for most parents and have been hearing same stories from lot my friends. Every home would have one (DADY) or another (MUMMA) “MANIA” ! Its toddlers way of grow. Remember there is no standard for toddlers!  Let me also clarify that It has nothing to do with one of you being loved more. It is mostly because of familiarity and comfort with their routine. In our case, for few things he needs Mumma while for some he needs Dady !  Dady cuddles would calm him down when he cries while Mumma would not work in this case! (well, don’t get me start on back pain I have after lifting up every time, this was one of the potential reason we thought we should change this MANIA to MUMMA !!) Likewise there are few other things where Mumma would work but daddy would not… like changing diaper, potty, lunch, dinner etc… ! 

I think, MANIA is something that we create, kids are like plain slate and we keep writing and filling content that we would like. Creator of MUMMY/DADY MANIA are parents themselves !!
I believe, its manageable and can be control by doing few things that we just started. For example, He loves music and wants DADY to dance with him all the time. Now we start putting our effort to make him realize that MUMMY can dance too

Things may vary parents to parents but believe me... No matter MANIA goes to Mumma or Daddy but it’s all fun !! Enjoy your Mania !!

Love you
LisAnk-Aarav πŸ’•


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  2. But when we come there it's goin to be Aunty mania 😁

  3. Well, Let see Keerthana ! BTW to see of feel that mania effect you guys need to visit us first :)