Friday, December 4, 2009

Life is full of surprises and we are one of them...

Life is full of surprises and fun…The fun starts with your birth and surprises continue till u make fun out of those surprises!!!

The world we live in consists of order and disorder. The laws of nature are evidence of order. The many laws are so dependable that we often forget in our life. Yet, uncertainty, unpredictability, randomness, the unanticipated and the unexpected are equally enmeshed in our lives. However, if we refer to chaos as SURPRISE, we are more likely to discover its beauty. After all, we love surprises, I would say we should......

SURPRISE is life tickling us. It is a source of joy and delight. A life without surprise, is a life of boredom. We don’t have to wait for surprise to appear. We can add excitement and pleasure to life by creating our own surprises. Interested in another position, but afraid that if you applied you would be turned down? Apply anyway. For if you do, you will experience surprise. What kind of surprise? They may hire you! Wow, that would be a nice surprise. If they don’t, you will be surprised by the courage you displayed and delighted by your newfound strength. Look for areas in which you can improve and surprise yourself by creating a better you...

How ?
Share the pleasure of surprise with others. Surprise your spouse, family members and friends. Surprise your boss by showing up on time! What exotic dishes haven’t you tried? Surprise yourself and friends by trying new types of food. Mmmm, delicious! Why not explore a new neighborhood? Surprise yourself with a different mood, crowd, and atmosphere. What about your tastes in music and the arts? Isn’t it true that if you tried something different you may be delightfully surprised? The same is true with books.

Things are easy to speak, write or even listen but its really hard to follow in our life. Everybody feels lot surprises everyday and thats what I have been feeling from last couple of months. I have been feeling (I would say facing) many unexpected surprises and what I have learn from all those situation is "Dont feel pain with any unexpected surprises, instead feel uncertainty of life and try to recover and discover the joy of life"

Its really hard to follow but I have been trying those all things and and as a rusult feeling good, trying to recover my happyness by accepting reality of unexpected sruprises instead of feeling pain...!

-Ankit Gopani