Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be the 100th One......

"Every day 100s of people borne, from those 99 are borne to work for 100th one, try to become 100th one"

I was reading one magazine during my travelling from Ahmedabad to Bangalore and I found one inspiration sentence (mentioned above) from one of the magazine. Reading from the sentence what I have realized is "there are only one way to become such personality, and that is 'start some business with risk'. But generally engineers wont do this as they want to secure their life with steady income and want to keep their family happy. The only people who wants to take risk can become 100th one. I am not saying that all engineers would prefer to go for job and steady income, there are engineers who wants to become enterprenioure but are facing issue with finance. They are having a innovative ideas in their mind but are not able to take risk because of some responsibilities, family reasons and most importantly finance problems...

As per my knowledge and experience, to become 100th one and keep rest 99th under your guidance you have to go for business. Means there are two ways after your education 1. JOB 2. BUSINESS, its individuals choice to either go for JOB or BUSINESS depending upon the situations.

Last month I had a discussion with one engineering student on Airport, he wanted to start his business with innovative ideas and he could not because of some financial situation and he joined one MNC Company in Bangalore. He had a lot of discussion on this point and he had decided that if you are financially weak then you can not become 100th one and he was saying it is as simple as that. As he was senior to me I though he may have more experience than me. But still I have shared my views in front of him in polite way.... I have explained him that
- there is no age limit to start any business... So you can start your business any time... The only thing is you have to keep updating yourself with your ideas so that whenever you get chance you can start work on your new ideas on that domain which you had think on...

- Regarding financial situation, I would say if you are financially weak then start saving from your salary and even I would prefer to stay with the organization and people who are in the same field and from where you get more experience and learning points.....

- Then after some years, you can start your business with your idea and some money in a small scale, (Dont start your business with all your money and in big scale as business is risky all the way....) Once you realize it is going on smoothly, you can keep investing your wealth, profit and efforts day by day.... I am sure if you have a correct vision, hard-working attitude with innovative idea (obviously with some experience) you will definitely get succeed.

As we all know wherever there is pain there is a gain... to start your business there will be lot of pain involved, but those pain we should consider as a positive sign for Gain.... Never give up, just try your best... and some time you will realize with the result.

After this short communication he agreed and acknowledge our discussion. I hope and wish some year down the road he will be one business man and he may become 100th one......!

I have also read one book "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" where you find 25 IIMA management persons' story, how they become industrialist and enterprenioures in different fields with their good and bad experience.... This book is really inspirable for people who wants to become 100th one....

I have my personal experience with my big brother who also had a vision and courage to become businessman but we could not able to do it before 5 years as we were running shortage of money.. So he joined some small organization with very small salary... And spent lot of effort to gain experience on that field.... After 2-3 years he started his own business in Ahmedabad with 3 people working under him... But as you know its all about risk, he was gone through lot of critical situation in terms of mental,financial and social stress but he never gave up.. His business were in loss for almost 2 years and then we loss all the money which we have saved during his job and my father's small business. Still friends he he didn't loss his courage and he become dynamic, he spent 2-3 months to analyse market and different fields.. and finally he decided to go for one business and he went for the training to understand that business from my uncle, there he spent almost 6 months of time and started that business at my native (home town).. It has been 3 years and now he is leading 7-10 people, 7-10 people are working under his guidance... I think he is on the way to become 100th one....


  1. Short and sweet explanation about becoming 100th person.

    I liked your points like...
    =>updating our self
    =>continuing existing work
    =>saving money
    =>not losing hope even though facing failure

    Good writing.

  2. Hey Nirav,
    Thanks for your comment, but this is what I have realized.