Sunday, July 3, 2016

Good Friends just never say Goodbye !

Good Friends just never say Goodbye !

Could not stop writing this post guys ! I know it is hard to say sweet bye and depart to a different place. But you know guys… Things will comes and go but few friends, quality time and memories never goes !!

It has been a nicely spent time together in world’s one of the beautiful place. How can we forget games we use to play till late night, lots of fun and other outing activities we have done together.  I still remember the first day we met at “stay bridge, San Diego” since then journey has been marvelous in many ways, spending time together, sharing lunches and dinners, playing  few interesting games like poker (desi 3 patti with videsi coins/money J), “Kali 3di J” etc etc….

As we all know time flies, it really does. You guys are awesome, we will never forget good time we spent together specially in last few days, we are going to miss “Jeevika” a lot !! I would never forget one beautiful moment about Aarav and Jeevika we saw today… It was an awesome moment. I have these memories captured and already watched it few times J God’s glory is best seen through the eyes of Kids !!   

It was kinda emotional moment to say you guys a ‘bye’ but happy to see a bright future for you guys in coming months.

Wishing you guys a very best of luck for new location. Stay in touch and have fun at new place!

Take Care,