Monday, June 17, 2013

Friends at old age makes them feels like their young age!

Dear Readers,

Today I would like to share one of my best experience and learning on old age friendship !!

Having strong circle of friends can be a good source for aging hearts and helps the body's autoimmune system too! People who have one or more good friends have better than those who have any casual friends or no friends. Friends are as important as families. In our society, people without friends are likely to feel isolated and lonely. Friendship is very important for older people, One close friend can help releave stress and depression.

Today I would like to share one of my best experience and few learning things from my Dad's friendship.

I have been working as Lead engineer in Semiconductor Company. As you know being an engineer you have to be dynamic at certain extent! I was in USA and shifted to Pune. Luckily I rented a flat in one of the best and peaceful society of Pune in Aundh area. Initially I shifted alone and then in 2 weeks my wife joined me. We settled with basic needs and asked our parents to come and join us. Climate and environment was peaceful. They came after 1 month and joined us at our Pune home. They were surprised to see the society, climate and environment. They started health center, walking in the evening and morning time activities. They were very happy and feeling good. Days were passing, they initially enjoyed the stay, slowly they started feeling loneliness as they did not have friends in Pune. Life was going smooth and easy with their friends when they were at our home town where they had their friends for day activities.

One day they were sitting outside society on one bench and were talking in their native language "Gujarati", at the same time one same age person heard them talking and asked my parents "Are you Gujarati?" and golden relation of friendship started !!!

Now that they become friends and started sharing their knowledge, experience, they have decided timings for their everyday meeting. Twice in a day they use to meet. They use to  care each other, if any one of them didn't find them around for a whole day, they use to call each other to check things are fine!!! How sweet of their friendship !!

One day, I was sitting with them and felt really great to see them happy. Uncle was telling me all the good qualities of my Dad and was thanking my Dad for all good things he learned. Same way Dad was also started explaining Uncle's good qualities and learning things and thanked him. Life was extremely super and enjoyable for them.

Now, I  had to move back to USA and had to leave Pune because of my work and emotional situation occurred. We had to wind up our Pune home. Now that relation was so close for both the families they have requested us to wind up our home few days before we leave and join them at their home to spend good time together. We winded up our home and went there at one day lunch and dinner, we spend quality time together on the day of our leave. We had a train at night and they came to our place with their good wishes and sweet flowers. My Parents were surprised to see the arrangement they have done for send off !! It was a rainy day and Uncle was not feeling well. Though he was not feeling well, he went out on motor cycle to buy flowers to wish my dad for their friendship. I remember that was really a emotional time. I could see little tear on both friends' eye. They were not happy because we are moving but at the same time they were happy and feeling proud on their friendship. Life never stops and friendship too !! They proved, relation and friendship they had is still continuing even though we are out side Pune. They are still calling each other helping, caring and exchanging their thoughts, experience, learning !

Here I would like to thank Vaishnav Family for their whole support during our Pune stay. We will never forgot the time we spend together !! Hats of to old age friendship!! I wish Happy friendship to Mr Baku Vaishnav and Mr Arvind Gopani.

Happy Reading,
Ankit Gopani